Chapter 6: Truth or Dare

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Astrid's POV
Me and Hiccup are on our way to the Great Hall to meet the gang so we can play Sontlout's game. When we arrived everyone was already there waiting on us. Sontlout just glared at us.

"You're late." He says annoyed

"Only by a few minutes." I say, equally annoyed. Hiccup clapped his hands together.

"Well okay lets get started." He says.

We walk over to our table and sit down. Snotlout and the twins sit on one side of the table while Fishlegs, Hiccup, and I sat on the other side. Hiccup curled his arm around my waist, pulling me close, I rested my head on his shoulder.

"So who goes first?" Fishlegs ask.

"How about Snotlout, it is his idea." Hiccup suggest.

"Okay. Astrid, Truth or Dare?" Snotlout ask me. I try to think wisely. If I pick dare I will probably have to kiss him or something so I'll pick truth just to be safe.

"Truth." I say, snuggling closer to Hiccup.

"*sighs* Fine, what did you and Hiccup do on your honeymoon?" He ask. I looked at Hiccup a bit embarrassed. I recalled the events of that night and decided I would leave out the one major thing that happened.

"Well he took me on a romantic flight and we hung out by the ocean." Snotlout looked at me as if I wasn't telling the truth.

"Okay. Well it's your turn now." Snotlout said. I eyed everyone in the group, searching for a victim.

"Tuffnut, Truth or Dare?" I ask him.

"Dare! Haha!" He shouts.

"Well, I dare you to fight Ruffnut. Whoever loses has to go skinny dip in the ocean and whoever was cheering for the loser has to join them." I dared. Tuffnut's face grew bright red.

"O-okay." He jumped on Ruffnut and they started fighting. Me and Snotlout cheered for Ruffnut while Hiccup and Fishlegs cheered for Tuffnut. Finally Ruffnut pinned Tuffnut down. Me and Snotlout jumped up and cheered while Hiccup and Fishlegs looked shocked.

"Okay, Tuffnut, Hiccup, and Fishlegs, its time to take a dip." I laughed.

We followed them out of the Great Hall and down to the ocean's edge. The three of them reluctantly took off their clothes and jumped in the ocean. I fell on the ground laughing at them as they ran out shivering. Next thing I knew, Hiccup picked me up, hugging me.

", its...freezing in...there." His teeth chattered as he spoke.

"Ugh. Hiccup put me down. You got me all wet. Now go put your clothes back on." I said, trying to push him away.

"Noooo..." He whined. "I just want to be warm."

"Put your clothes on and we will sit by the fire in the Great Hall." He finally let me go and put his clothes on.

We walked back to the Great Hall to finish the game. We sat around the fire this time so the boys could warm up. Tuffnut looked around the room until his eyes landed on Fishlegs.

"Fishlegs, Truth or Dare?" Tuffnut asked him.


"Hmm... Do you like Ruffnut?" He asked. Fishlegs looked down and his face turned red.

"Yes..." He mumbled under his breath. Everyone looked at him in shock and I tried to hold back my laughter.

"Okay, Snotlout, Truth or Dare?" Fishlegs said hurriedly, obviously trying to change the subject.

"Hmm. Dare!" He shouted.

"I dare you to kiss the prettiest person in the room."

Once those words left his mouth I got scared. I knew Snotlout was going to come to me and who knows what Hiccup will do. Snotlout eased his way over to me and Hiccup tightened his grip around my waist.

"Think again Snotlout, I won't let it happen." Hiccup said. I glanced over at him and seen his face getting red with anger.

"Its a dare, I have to do it." Snotlout said. My heart thumped so hard in my chest I thought it was going to fly out.

"I'm going to kill you Fishlegs." I threatened.

Snotlout leaned closer and I noticed Hiccup turned around. Snotlout kissed me, but I refused to kiss him back. I tried to lean away, but he grabbed my waist and wouldn't let me go.

"Let go of me Snotlout!" I tried to say into his kiss.

"No I'm not done." He said.

Since he wouldn't let go, I had to make him so I bit his lip, hard. He pulled back holding his bleeding lip. He tried to come back to me, but next thing I knew he was pinned to the floor. What shocked me even more was who had him pinned down.... Hiccup.

"I think you're done Snotlout. And if you think you're not I'll make sure you are!" Hiccup threatened. He slowly started pulling Snotlout's arm behind his back until it was at the point where it was about to break. I was glad to see he was using the moves I showed him.

"Alright! Alright! I'm done!" Snotlout yelled in pain.

"Good." Hiccup said. He let go of Snotlout and sat back down beside me, pulling me close again, but more protective this time. Snotlout got up and dusted himself off before storming out of the Great Hall, slamming the doors behind him.

"Well I think thats enough for tonight, don't you guys think?" Hiccup said. We all agreed. We got up and walked outside.

"Hey Hiccup? I have a question." Tuffnut said from behind us.

"Yes Tuffnut?"

"Well I was wondering... When did you get so strong?" He asked.

"That would be my doing." I said proudly. Tuffnut nodded and headed home. I was exhausted and couldn't wait to get home myself.

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