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P H I L ' S P O V

It was three in the morning. He was running, and so was I. We all were.

"You're only making this harder on yourself!"

I followed my two partners in front of me, our feet padding through the rain puddles. I held the metal bar tightly, my black hood over my head.

Wirrow ran in front of me, daggers in each of his hands.

Bryony, the only girl, ran behind me. In her hand was a shotgun. We turned a corner, locking eyes with the man in front of us.

"Please don't," he whimpered. The three of us inched in on him, surrounding him. He was helpless. We had him now. "I have a family- a mom, a dad, I-I have a younger brother! He's young l-like you!" He pointed to me.

"Maybe he'll know him," Wirrow gestured to me. The man grabbed a Polaroid picture from his jacket pocket, holding it out in his shaky hand. Wirrow snatched the picture from his hand, examining it, before handing it to me.

I looked at the boy in the picture. He isn't bad looking. I stared.

"Phil, you're supposed to kill him too, not fuck him," Bryony teased.

"I don't recognize him," I told the man, before nodding towards Bry.

"Don't do this! Please! I'm innocent- I've never done anything! At least don't hurt my brother, I have to get back home before-" The man begged. Bry chuckled darkly, pointing the gun towards his head.

"Before what, Mason?" Wirrow chuckled deviously before a gunshot echoed throughout the rainy streets. 

I shoved the photo of Mason's brother in my jean pocket, exhaling.

"Who's next on the list?" Bryony asked. Wirrow took out the crumbled piece of paper from his jean pocket and handed it to me.

I unwrinkled it and squinted my eyes, reading the name then comparing the picture. I looked up at my two friends before responding,

"Daniel James Howell. His brother."

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