Crusty Spit

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November 23, 1997

It's cool how when you kiss someone, everything works out so perfectly. Your mouths open at precisely the right time and you both lean towards each other just the right amount. And your open lips fit together like puzzle pieces. It's strange to think how Zach's mouth fit together with mine. Hewanted to kiss me.

Before I had my first kiss, I was thinking that I would remember exactly what happened, each movement of our tongues, every turn of the head. But when the time actually came, I couldn't remember anything. And then he ended it with a sloppy peck on the corner of my mouth that got all crusty not long after. It normally would be disgusting to have crusty spit next to your mouth, but it wasn't, because it was someone else's spit. And that someone else was Zach.

You know how on TV shows and movies sometimes when people are kissing, they pull away and say, "You're suffocating me!"? Well, the truth is, you can breathe while you're kissing someone. Through your nose.

Now that I think of it, I am quite curious as to where Zach's hands were during the kiss. Maybe on my waist, maybe on the back of my neck, but more than likely just hanging there stupidly at his sides. And I'd like to remember where my hands were, too. I hope not doing anything embarrassing while my mind was concentrating on more important things.

[Does anyone know which TV show(s?!) and/or movies I was referring to in which people pull away from kisses and say, "You're suffocating me!"? This seems like a bizarre generalization for me to have made.]

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