Loki's Gift

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This is my first attempt at Marvel fan fiction so please bear with me. I had the idea for a new superhero and how Loki could create her and wanted to have a bit of fun. I'm going to try and update once a week, on Thursdays, maybe twice a week. I've not got a huge plan for what is going to happen. I just intend to write and hopefully fun stuff will happen, along with plenty of unexpected stuff too.


After a quick glance in the mirror Ann-Marie neatened the edges of her dress. She didn't feel comfortable wearing it and wished she hadn't listened to her friend and let Mark invite her to this party. For one she barely spoke German.

With a sigh she walked out of the toilets back to the main lobby. She briefly considered walking out the front door but turned into the highly polished party room instead. Several artistic sculptures were dotted around the very large open floor.

Between two columns in the middle a small stringed orchestra played Shubert's String Quartet in A minor. She scanned her eyes over the room, looking for her date. After a moment of searching she realised he must be somewhere else and moved towards the side room on the left, passing another great statue on a marble plinth.

As she did she glanced back towards the central staircase at the very back of the room. A very well dressed man in a black set of tails and black tie almost glided down the last of the steps. Suddenly, he flicked the golden cane in his hand around.

A gasp escaped her lips as he used it to knock out the nearby security guard. She moved to be shielded by the statue's base and peered around to see him grab the guy who'd been droning on about something to do with a large bull like structure in the middle of the room.

This newcomer hurried the curator forward and flicked him over the very art piece he'd been edifying and held him there with the same golden rod. She flinched as the attacker jabbed something towards his eye. The woman nearby let out an ear-piercing scream.

It struck her that screaming was possibly one of the worst female traits. When someone is being violent nearby, screaming just drew their attention and annoyed them at the same time. Thankfully, the woman decided, along with the rest of the room, that now would be a good time to exit the building.

Ann-Marie took care to move more of herself out of this strange guy's sight and peeped at him. A look of sheer delight covered his face as he roved his eyes over the panicked mob, his shoulder length black hair tumbling down forwards. He wasn't even paying any attention to what he was doing to the poor man. From the jerking of the victim's legs she felt rather glad she couldn't see either.

As he finished whatever he was doing he put something into his pocket and let go of the host, who no longer moved. She hoped he had only passed out.

By now the room was almost empty and this newcomer seemed to want to follow the exiting masses. But as he turned to go around the bull he looked right at her and stopped.

Their eyes held each other for what seemed like an eternity but could only have been a second or two. Eventually she stepped out of her hiding place. He had seen her now and she had no where to run.

He came closer, spinning the cane in his hands a few more times and she felt her eyes being drawn to it. As she studied it she realised it wasn't a cane at all but a sort of sceptre crossed with a spear. It had a blue jewel near the top that seemed to move and dance in the light and the gold casing around it framed it delicately before merging to a sharp point.

"My my, who do we have here?" He smiled and looked her over. Normally the sly grin on his face would have offended her but she just felt relief that he spoke English.

"I'm Ann-Marie."

"You do not fear me," he said, more as a statement than a question.

"A little maybe, but I try not to give in to fear."

"Maybe you should have run, like everyone else, trying to preserve their lives."

She shrugged. A part of her wished she had but she couldn't change that now. He stopped just the other side of the statue and seemed to be thinking.

"Tell me, Ann-Marie." he said her name and paused as if he was contemplating how it had sounded. "How do you feel about freedom?"


"Yes, all these others ran, screaming and yelling, scared that I might hurt them or violate their freedom."

"I wouldn't say any of them were really free. They were probably all slaves to something."

She decided to be honest but felt the first of several shivers run through her. This conversation hadn't gone in any direction she could have predicted.

"What's your name?" She asked, when he seemed to drift off in thought. A second later his eyes were fixed on her again. She shivered, once more.

"My name, my dear, is Loki."

"That's a very exotic name." At this he chuckled.

"It means several thing, but in the language of my fathers it means closed."

"Ann-Marie means God has favoured me."

Her little declaration had an impact she hadn't expected. He raised an eyebrow and took another step towards her.

"Well, Ann-Marie, favoured by the Gods." He took another step forward and it took all her will power not to move backwards. With the same sly grin he raised his staff and the jewel glowed brighter for a second. At the same time, in his other hand a small green cube appeared. "A gift, from the Gods, for you."

He held it out to her and her curiosity got the better off her. She took it off the palm of his hand and gave him a quick smile, as a way of saying thank you. The palm sized dark green cube felt hot to touch, but seemed otherwise uninteresting.

When she looked up to ask what it was she realised he had already gone. She went to follow but stopped as she noticed he no longer wore a suit. Instead a green cape, the same colour as the cube hung from his neck and a golden helmet now adorned his head.

Before she could do anything else she felt the small cube heat up. Within moments it started to burn her skin. She tried to drop it, but as she turned her hand it stuck. As she shook her arm to try and remove it, she saw it lose shape and melt down towards her palm.

Her breath hissed from her mouth as the pain increased and spread with the contact of what was now a green goo. Whimpering, she tried to use the other hand to prise the stuff off but it only stuck her fingers to it as well. They soon burnt along with the rest.

She vaguely considered screaming as she watched it spread up her arms, towards her torso. As the irony of this struck her she let out a snorted laugh crossed with a squeal and then clamped her jaw shut again.

When the green substance reached the shoulders of her dress she heard a soft hiss and watched the silky material smoulder and blacken. Without thinking, she brought her arms in to try and grab the top of the dress and stop it from falling but the rest off the dress soon burnt to ashes around her. Her skin fizzing and tingling in agony, she collapsed to her ground.

She closed her eyes and curled her body up, wondering if she was dying. For a second there she'd thought this mad man was going to let her live.

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