3. I Got This!

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I must have been in a daze, because I was completely taken off guard by a knock on my car window. I found a cheery-eyed man waving at me. It was Scott. I opened my car door. 

"Hey Scott." I acknowledged. 

"Ready for today!?" He held my bag. 

"As ready as I'll ever be!" I rested my hand on my hip and took note of my surroundings. There were plenty of people here. At least 80. 

"Let's head inside." He led the way. We walked up to the building, passing several arrogant bitches on the way.

They were talking trash and giggling. You know pettiness. I'm here for business. I'm not worried about them. I came here on a mission to succeed. 

"I'm gonna go sign you in." Scott walked to the sign-in table.

From where I was posted, I could see the studio we were going to be in. It was a huge room. Walls covered with mirrors and windows like a glass box.

I'm guessing people who weren't auditioning could watch from outside the room. I felt two hands on my shoulders, massaging them.

"It's all you. You've been working hard and these people don't have anything on you!" Scott turned me around so we were facing each other. "I have so much faith in you. You've been doing this for years. I know what you're capable of. Leave it all on the dance floor." He pulled me in for a comforting hug. "Go get them Ri. I'll be right here. Oh, don't forget your number card thingy." He stuck it to my chest. I ran my hand over the number tag to secure it in place. 

"Listen up! Listen up, people! If you're auditioning and you've already signed in, I'm going to need you to come with me please." A man instructed. 

"Gotta go Scottie." I jogged away to catch up with the instructor.

"I'll be your personal cheerleader!" Scott called after me. 

"Cheer like you've never cheered before!" 

"As long as you dance like you've never danced before!" "DEAL!" I walked into the studio. It was complete chaos. How could I be in a room full of people, but feel so alone?

I sat on the floor and did a few stretches. I stood back up and stumbled. 

"I'm so sorry." A soft voice flew in my ear. 

"No, it's fine." I moved my hair out my face and regained my balance. I heard a microphone echo. I tried to find where it was coming from.

There was a medium height guy waving his arms in front of all of us. Everyone settled down and awaited for the man to speak. I was weaving my way to the front to get a better view. What? I'm short! I can't help it.

"What's up everyone? I'm Nick, I'll be your choreographer today. Here to my left is my good friend Just- Where's Justin?"

"I'm right here." A figure came through the door behind Nick. It was the Bieber kid. "What's up everybody, I'm Justin Bieber. I just want to thank you all for coming out today. I need some new dancers for my tour that's coming up pretty soon. Show me what'cha got." He flashed a smile and sat down at the table with a few other guys.

Everybody started clapping and cheering like he just performed. Security had to handle some girls. I focused my attention back to Nick.

"I'm going to teach you a quick set. I'm only going to go through it twice. Then, you guys are going to spilt up into groups of 7 and recite what you just learned. Music!" He cued. Boyfriend began to play.

Nick began to nod his head and started his count. I mentally and slightly did everything he did. I was feeling it. The set wasn't too hard. 

"Ok? I'm going to replay the song and show you once more." He held up one finger. He pointed to the guy next to the stereo, cuing him to replay the song.

Nick got in his zone again and repeated the set. I got this. 

"Alright party people, spilt up!" He directed. I walked over to the nearest group of people and stood with them. The girl who knocked me over, stood next to me and smiled. I returned the friendly gesture.

Nick clapped his hands. 

"Alright! Let's go! I want this group right here!" He pointed to the group besides mine. Thank God, because I didn't want to go first! The guy replayed the music and the group began to dance. I cunningly looked over in Justin's direction.

He was talking to the guy next to him, while staring at one of the female dancers. I followed his eyes and found the girl he was checking out. She looked petrified.

I felt bad for her. My nerves were beginning to kick my ass. I exhaled and looked at the ceiling. 

"You're next!" I heard a voice. I brought my head down and Nick was standing before me.

...Jesus, help me.

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