Cue the Snorting Pugs!

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Y/N- Your Name ( Your OC 's Name)
YT/N- Your Characters YouTube Name

I knocked on the white door, which looked to be newly painted. I was callabing with Felix, a.k.a. Pewdiepie. A few seconds after a knocked on the door, I heard dog barks and little dog toenails clicking up against the linoleum.
"Coming!!!" I heard a male like voice say.
The person who was probably Felix opened the door. I couldn't tell until the door was completely opened to tell that it was really Felix.
"Hey, Y/N! It's awesome to meet you in person!" Felix chirped.
He seems to be very happy.
"It's nice to meet you too!" I cheerfully replied.
I had to admit, it took a lot of concentrating to keep myself from fangirling or saying something stupid.
"Come on in!" He said as he stepped away from the door to reveal a beautiful elegant English house.
"Thank you!" I smiled, slowly walking in.
"It's actually pretty nice out today!" He said, closing the door.
"Yeah!" I replied, then took of my shoes. " Your house is so beautiful, Felix!" I said in awe at the elegant furniture. I was so in awe that I forgot about the pugs snorting at my feet.
"Oh hello, Maya and Edgar!" They snorted some more. It was too cute! Edgar tried to jump, and Felix shouted, "Deutschland!!!" Which just made Edgar more crazy.
"Maya and Edgar are so cute!!!"
"No, just Maya is." Felix said playfully.
"Ok, are we going to start-"
"Yes! But first do you want anything to drink?"
"Oh I'll just have (favorite drink)"
"Alright Bro! I'll be back!"
Before I knew it I was lost in the elegance of the house again. This place was just so beautiful!!! I loved it!!!
"Here YT/N." Pewdiepie handed me my drink.
"Thank you!" I drank some of it and then set it down at a end table.
"Ok now let's start filming!!!!" Pewds shouted leading me to the recording room, with to snorting pugs slowly trampling behind us

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