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okay so i just casually went to check what this was rated and i set it as pg-13 bc god knows what wattpad considers all this cursing as.

turns out they changed me to mature??

i just want to say, if you can't handle swearing, suck it up. in the real world people swear a lot. you will get yelled at, you will be scolded. people will throw extremely offensive insults at you and they will swear at you. you just have to find your own way of dealing with these people. however if! their! swearing! is! not! directed! at! you! it! does! not! concern! you! if! they! swear!

if i say a chain of fucks and bloody hell when driving and you're in the passenger's seat, if you're going to ask me to not swear i will throw you out without hesitation. probably run you over while i'm at it. if i swear, it is NONE of your business, especially since it's not directed at you. and god fuck, why is swearing even offensive?? it's just another word, just made to be ruder by society.

i'm so.

peace out girl scouts,

update: the next day of when i wrote this i was pulled out of class and had an one and a half hour "discussion" with my co form teacher on my swearing in class. oops.

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