One Shots [Intro]

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Hey, I've almost completed all the Once Upon a Time Reader Insert one shots, and requests have died down so I think it is fair to say the characters remaining are not so desired by readers. I'll keep updating as I get requests on it, but for now it is dormant.

I have been contemplating this idea for a long time now, and I decided that I will chip away at the MCU/X-Men characters in R-rated one shots. It is hard to find such on this website, so I decided to do it myself.

The one shots will be done in my own time, and I will probably jump around to different characters, and there will be no updating schedule. If a one shot is requested, I will put it on my priority list. I will only take one request per person for now, and I will only write one one shot per character. Don't ask for a one shot if it has already been done.

These are NOT reader insert, but the OC's I put in will be very generic, and I may not even mention a name in most of them, but it will be third person.

If you request, all I ask is that you keep in touch with me so that I don't forget about your request, and get to know you to better write the one shot itself. I ask for nothing in return except for a vote on the one shot you requested, and feedback [good and bad are welcome] in either a comment or personal message. Easy enough?

Now on for the list [it may change, I will delete names as they are completed]

Karen Page

Elektra Natchios

Jessica Jones

Trish Walker

Luke Cage

Sam Wilson

T'Challa (Black Panther)

Bruce Banner


Remy LeBeau

Peter Maximoff (X-Men Universe)

Ajax AKA Francis

All supporting X-Men characters, but I may turn them down.

(Open to others, just message and ask politely first)


Frank Castle  


Steve Rogers

Natasha Romanoff

Loki Laufeyson

Steve Rogers [1940's]

Peter Quill

Tony Stark

Clint Barton

Bucky Barnes [1940's]


Wanda Maximoff

Vladimir Ranskahov

Bucky Barnes [The Winter Soldier]

Victor Creed

Alex Summers

Matthew Murdock


Logan Howlett

Young Charles Xavier

Young Erik Lehnsherr

Hank McCoy

Brock Rumlow

Pietro Maximoff   

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