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Chapter 45

Tiffany's POV

I turned off the television and srarted to scan my room. It's been 8 years since I've never been here. I miss this---the wholly wide space I used to occupate, the refreshing and relaxing purely white color of my room, its extravagant and elegant paintings, the peaceful view in my terrace. I wonder how did I used to live in such pitiful yet dull life I had when I'm suffering from amnesia. *rolled eyes*

I opened my cellphone and scanned my messages.






And then, I felt like some part of my heart is being pinch. They are the most important persons in my life before... but not anymore. I have only my brother and myself left. Pero bakit ganito? Pakiramdam ko, nasanay na ako sa kanila. I want to be with them---do stupid things, and laugh freely. But---hell no! I'm back. I am not the stupid Tiffany Lian Kastel anymore, for I am back... the bitch, Tiffany Codey Rockwel.


Binaling ko ang aking tingin sa kumatok. And there, the door opened.

"Wow, ha? Kakatok-katok ka pa, eh bubuksan mo rin naman pala ang pinto kahit hindi pa ako um-oo?!" Galit kong sabi. Walang respeto eh? Hindi porket naging temporarily tanga ako, ay lulubos-lubusin na nila!

Yumuko naman siya. "I'm sorry po ma'am... kasi po... s-si---" Hindi ko siya hinayaang ipagpatuloy ang walang kwenta niyang pagsasalita.

"You know what? I really can't understand why you used to be so stupid! Stop stammering, or else I'll kick you!" Pagrereklamo ko naman. Who the hell will understand what she's trying to say, eh puro na lang utal-utal? Ano 'yon... may tongue disease siya?!

She slightly pressed her face using her hands and then looked at me straight, but not in the eye. "Sabi po ni Sir Ace, bumaba na daw kayo para makapagbreakfast." Dari-daretso niyang sabi.

"Wala ka nang sasabihin? LAYAS!" I shouted at her.

Then immediately, she's out of my sight.

Ang kapatid ko talaga, ang hilig magdemand! Demanding! Argggg! *lip bite*


I faced him. "Anong pakulo 'to? I'm going to eat whenever I wanted to!" I yelled at him.

Ace stopped reading his magazine and dropped it then gave me a stern look. "You're back and I'm glad." He said then he stretched his right arm to get the cup of coffee in the table and drank it.

I rolled my eyes. "Pwedi ba, Kuya?! Where's my breakfast?!" I asked in an irritated voice. I'm so hungry to the point that I fon't care whatever might happen, just give me the damn food and that's all that matters.

He glanced at me. "Do I looked like your nanny? I'm glad that you're back, but don't treat me like what you used to do. I might slap you if you do." He warned me in a deep horrible voice.

I was like---alright, here we go! Nakakatakot siya. Ang katapat ng isang bitch na katulad ko. But I'm a bitch whatever he says---so what?!

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