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Her full name is "Shannon Arrum Williams" with Arrum as her korean name

She said in her twitter that *maybe* her stage name is Shannon Pix, and thats why in her instagram is shannonpix13

Shannon is a Welsh-Korean (Her father is Welsh,and her mother is Korean)

Born at London,May 26th 1998

She is 17 years old (Korean Age) now (when this post made is 17..when u read it, if its in 2015,that means she is 18 *remember in korean age*)

Predebut stage : appeared in Star King episode 147 (she is famous because this show)

In star king,episode 2 January 2010,she did a duet with SHINee Onew with an OST song from Alladin titled "A whole new world" *ow,she's still 12 years old at that moment,and her voice is amazing!"
Her official twitter is ~>

Her official Instagram is ~> @shannonpix13

In 2012,She featured in Yangpa's mini album 'Together' with "My Love"

In 2012,She featured in T-ara 'Day and Night(낮과 밤)' song and MV with Gavy NJ Gunji and (former member T-ara) Ahreum

She is once a part of 5dolls (or F-ve dolls),but then she decided to want debut as a soloist like her idol BoA than in a group,so she was just continued her trainee in Core Content Media (now MBK)

She is now in an independent agency called 'DAP Sound' (Division of MBK ent),so the one who arrange schedule for her is no longer MBK ent~ *but she still has connection with MBK since DAP is the division, same like Cube ent and A-cube,or Loen ent and collabodadi ent, etc*

On 23 November 2013,She appeared in a JTBC TV Program called "Hidden Singer 2" as one of IU impersonator,she passed until last round, unfortunately she lost from IU (the real singer) but she tied with another contestant (Former maknae of Girlband 2Eyes,Kim Yeonjoon),She sang a musical song too from Les Miserables "I dreamed a dream",she also prove to everyone in that place that she can take a part of 3 octave in IU song "Good day".. she said in the program that IU is her role model

After several years of her trainee,finally she made her debut stage on 29 November 2014 in Hidden Singer with her title song "Daybreak Rain",but her official debut stage is in early December

Before this official debut,she has been featured in some song,like on 29 January 2014,she released her single album "Remember You" featuring Speed Jongkook
on February 12, 2014, she sang "Let It Go" from Frozen OST and Rihanna's "Diamond" with Kim Dani at SBS MTV's SPEED showcase 'Speed Day'

She said that IU is her big role model,she want to be someone like IU in the future

On 24 November 2013, IU invited all of her impersonator (Contestant in Hidden Singer 2) to her concert ,and for the encore they performed "Good Day" and as usual Shannon sang 3 octave part again...

She closed with member of Speed too,sometimes she updated her Instagram with themShe has couple bracelet with Dani

She said for her first album,she wants to do a duet with one of Speed member,thats why Jongkook was duet with her in "Remember You"

her fanclub name is "pixies" *new post*

she has new dog recently,and the name of her dog is cherry.. *you can easily find cherry on shannon's instagram* (new post)
as she is a korean singer that originally from outside korea,she is friend with some people like her, like f(x) amber,superjunior M Zhoumi,GOT7 Jackson,etc (new post)

she has a bestfriend from the same school, his name is Kim Doyeon, he is shannon's bestfriend, but all fans always mistake him as trainee or shannon's boyfriend (new post)

Original Seeya member,Lee Boram is Shannon's vocal coach
Kim Dani is her bestfriend,their age is almost same too...Dani 99lines,and Shannon 98lines

She made her official debut stage after be a trainee in CCM for 5 years

She has two step brothers (twin),Christian Lees and Jonah Lees (and her brothers is an actor)
She loves white chocolate more than black chocolate
She loves drink peach flavour ice tea
For her dance practice,she dancing to B.A.P's WARRIOR and T-ARA's Lovey Dovey

She used to attend Sylvia Young Theatre School when she lived in London,so her acting is very good,at 7 years old, she landed the role of Cosette in 'Les Miserables' musical performances

Her height is around 165cm now

And her weight is around 45kg now

She is still studying at Sangam-dong,Dwight International School,and from an info,her school in Korea is one of International School in Korea

She is known because of her "4-Octaves" voice (She is singing to "Phantom the opera" song in star king very well)

She speaks with british accent (but she can speak korean very fluent too) *when she hang out with Dani, they will speak in english /british rather than in korea*

She trains with 5dolls Nayeon and Speed Yoosung

She has a puppy,and the name is Chico (this is the last post, now her puppy's name is Cherry)

She is a biggest fans of JYJ Junsu and Brad little

She has a couple ring with 5dolls Nayeon

Most people said that Shannon looks alike T-ara Boram, but now they said that she looks like Sorn from rookie group CLC

She start her career on musical since 3 year old

When she was with Dani,she sometimes will speak in english,and korea too,because Dani can speak english very well too

Ian Eastwood is the choreographer of Shannon's debut song "Daybreak Rain" (He is the choreographer of Shinee Taemin's Song too)

Shannon featured with two talented rappers,Vasco and Giriboy with title song 'Breath' (wrote by Duble Sidekick and SEION)

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