Shannon Profile

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Name : Shannon Williams / 샤넌

: Pix (she said that maybe it will be her stage name, but we still don't know)

Group : 5Dolls

Date of birth : 26th May 1998

Place of birth : London

Twitter : @Shannonrocks13

Height : 160-161 cm

Weight : 42 kg

School : Dwight International School

Facts about her :

She appeared in Star King episodes 147 [|] and also (I haven't find it) CCM Trainee (We'll give you more info if she gonna debut)She is known because of her "4-Octaves" voice (you may check her 4-octaves voice or if you just want to listen her voice )She's Half Welsh and Half Korean (Her Dad is Welsh and her Mother is Korean ^-^)She speaks with an American accent (info from her friends)^-^Featured in Yangpa mini album "My Love"Possibly 5dolls member! ^^She has two step-brother name Jonah and ChristianFeatured in T-ara Day and Night(낮과 밤) song and MV with Gavy NJ

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