Guys, We Are Killing Creepypasta/ The Loose Use of Psychopathy

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Okay. I love this fandom. I have for about four years now. And that's why I'm scared for it.

Creepypasta is dying.

And it is partially our fault.

So, I've often been asked my opinion on the sexualization and demeaning of creepypastas, by drawing sexual art of them as well as writing fanfics.

Honestly, I don't see a problem. Are they meant to be scary? Yes. They are. But they're also fiction.

Not everyone in the fandom appreciates it. But that side of the fandom will never dissapear. It's basically the same here.

Everyone wants their OC to be the next Jeff the Killer. But there's a serious problem. I want to say 90% of Creepypasta OCS are attractive white girls with nothing scary about them whatsoever, and an "oh so tragic" back story. And we shove them into everything.

How many have the name Night or Rose or Shade? How many use a knife? How many have a lame catchphrase or gimmick? How many are actually scary? How many are the parent/child/lover of an existing pasta?

To all of my readers, I don't usually ask you to spread things. But I want this to be spread among the community. We need to make sure this is heard. Because I don't want this community to die out.

Enough with the OCs. We don't need any more. Unless you're bringing something fresh to the table, I'm sorry, it probably shouldn't exist. We have enough ____ The Killers, and other forms of existing creepypastas. We don't need a "Slenderwoman". Or a ___ Drowned.

We don't have any monster creepypastas anymore. Or haunted houses. Or anything. All we have are people trying to make their shitty OCs canon.

And Lost Episode stories. We have too many of those too.

Clockwork represents this issue entirely. She is exactly the symbol of the death of Creepypasta. A lot of really big members of the community are jumping ship. LittleMissHorrorStory left right at the beginning of the downfall.

I don't want this community to die, especially because of the role it has played in my writing career. I've changed so much as a writer, and its all thanks to this community.

Spread #CPRevolution. We won't let this die yet. It's not our time. I'm writing this at two in the morning, because its finally just hit me the state the fandom is in.

How can we fix it?

Well, for one, no more OCs. They aren't original anymore. They aren't going to become a part of the canon.

We also need to stop posting things about how hot we think a certain pasta is where its not appropriate. Talk about how " smexy" (I hate that word) Jeff is on a DeviantArt picture of an attractive Jeff, not Mr. Creepypasta's reading of Jeff the Killer. There's a time and a place for everything.

The last, while being a little oddly specific, is still important. Stop calling yourself a psychopath. You're not. It's a serious and disturbing mental disorder.

Do you want to know what actual psychopath's do? Murder and mutilate animals. A sign of psychopathy is animal abuse. That's why in LJ's origin story, the two of them got enjoyment out of hurting that cat. You don't want to be associated with people who hurt baby dogs and cats.

Do you not feel guilty for things? Do you hate people and feel good about it? Could you tell your mother you hate her and not bat an eye? Could you brutally beat an elderly person and not care? If the answer is yes to any or all of these, seek help.

You aren't cool or edgy. You're labeling yourself as a dangerous individual.

You want to hear about a real psychopath? He isn't a fake one, like the ones in Creepypastas. He's real.

His name is Jeffrey Dahmer (Jeff was actually based off of him). He kidnapped, murdered, and cannibalized multiple gay men. Do you really want to do shit like this? If so, then please unfollow me, and never contact or approach me. Ever.

I don't want to lose the fandom. I really don't. Because we do still have talented people on board. But for every one NoEnd house, we have fifty eleven year olds claiming to be sociopaths who wrote Rose the Killer.

It's time to fix it.

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