the baby inside demon

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we were sitting on our seats with our safety belts on. The plane was about to depart. .

"are you nervous?" Mr.Allan asked in a confident tone.

"Why should I? I am not travelling in it for the first time."

"I know, I was just worried about you" he said in a teasing way.

What? worried about me? why did he worry about me? As I was thinking about his wierd behavior, I could feel the vehicle moving upwards.I let out a small sigh and closed my eyes as I remembered how my sister used to catch my hand in a situation like this.A small smile smile crept into my face as I felt a hand but stonger than hers making a thight hold on my wrist and squeezing it. I opened my eyes realizing that she wasn't here to see Mr.Allan holding my hand like her and mouthing "God!"several times.I giggled at his unexpected reaction.

Almost 5 minutes passed after getting to a normal altitude and still his hands were on mine.His face was like tomato by then.He looked so cute just like teddy.

When I felt as if the blood circulation of my hand has almost stopped,I shoke his hand very hard and he looked at me in surprise..


I know this chapter was also too short.I'll promise to continue this chapter as part 2. I'm running out of time.I have got a busy schedule today.plz vote and let me know what you think about it.

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