The Alpha's Undying Love & His Mate's Secrets-[Werewolf Romance]

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Dedicated to 'Writexmusic' cause she is an amazing writer with amazing covers. wink, wink. 


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The Alpha's Undying Love

Sequel to Alpha's Dirty Little Secret


Teagan Landers


"Wake up, lazy ass." I told Lucas as I slapped his butt. He woke up instantly, startled and blushing. I giggled and climbed back into bed next to him then snuggled against him. I heard Luke sigh contently and pull me in closer.

"You know you will have to leave soon. My mom and dad wouldn't be happy to see you in here again with just a shirt.." Lucas trailed off, his eyes trailing my body lustfully. I rolled my eyes and got up to put on my shorts and shoes.

"Fine, but it's not like we did anything." I told him with bitterness in my voice. Luke sighed and sat up from his bed and looked at me with disappointment glittering in his baby blues.

" know.." He looked down at his hands and I instantly felt bad. I had been bugging him about us having sex, but he just won't do it. I mean, once a whore, always a whore. I'm cool that he is still a virgin but we are mates, not full mates, but mates. It doesn't make sense really but it does..

It's been two, well a month in a half, months since the dance and school is starting again tomorrow from Winter break. Luckily, I was able to not be sent to some delinquent/failing school thanks to Luke's amazing tutoring skills...

But I know tomorrow is going to be crazy. People talking about their holidays and christmas presents, blah, blah. But my vacation wasn't anything like that.

I was grounded. Why? Because apparently, according to my mother, I could have ruined the best thing that's ever happened to me, meaning Luke. I could only go over to Luke's house, which I didn't really mind, but it's not like we ever did anything. Like I said, he is waiting for the right moment.

Also, because of the drama that had happened at the Dance. Somehow my mom thinks I was the one who put the pink paint above the door, even though Quincy coughed up to it and was suspended for 3 days. Carrie was also suspended but for only 2 days. Speaking of Carrie, she and Alex aren't even acknowledging each other anymore and it's annoying me because she is still giving Luke provocative glances and me just glares. I now wished I would have jumped into her and Quincy's fight when I had the chance to get at least one good swing at the bitch.

Another thing that had changed was that River left for Oregon to be with newly found mate, breaking it off with Quincy, but apparently she is up and running again with some guy named Jaylex. 

Then there is Emma and my stupid boy brother. At the Ball, I saw them dancing just before the fights..but I haven't heard him say anything about her to me nor Percy and it's making me irritated. He likes her and she obviously likes why does it have to be so complicated..?

And Ty...well I haven't seen him all break..

But now school has started and things are going to change.


"I know! I'm sorry, Luke..I'm just..a whore, ya know?" I told him with a grimace on my face. His head snapped up and looked at me with anger. I flinched from the intensity in them.

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