Chapter Fourteen

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Hello again lovelies! Thought I would update this Chapter as an early treat for you guys for Halloween. Hope you guys have a fun and safe Halloween!

Anyways, this Chapter is going to pick up from the last chapter and then skip to two weeks later for Anabelle's 20 week ultrasound. Hope you guys are excited!

I don't have much to say, so here's Chapter 14, enjoy! :)



"Hi Sean," My voice cracked. I was trying to fight back the tears that were slowly starting to form.

"Anabelle, are you okay?"

I swallowed the lump in my throat. It was silent for a few seconds before I decided to finally answer.

"No," I whispered.

"Are you home?"

"Yes," I whispered again.

"Okay. I'm coming over. I'll be there in ten minutes."

The line went dead and I laid there, continuing to stare at the ceiling.

*End of Recap*


*Anabelle's POV*



I opened the front door, revealing Sean holding a brown paper bag in his hand. Sean smiled at me as he held up the brown paper bag. "I brought Chinese." I gave him a small smile, opening the front door all the way, so that he could enter.

He walked inside the house. "Thanks for the food, but I'm not that hungry. But feel free to make yourself comfortable and serve yourself the food," I said to him, while closing the front door.

We walked inside the living room. Sean walked into the kitchen, still holding the paper bag. "Where are your plates?" He asked, from the kitchen.

"They're in the cabinet next to the fridge," I answered, switching on the television. Sean came back into the living room, with two plates and the brown paper bag. He set the stuff down on the coffee table.

"Are you sure you're not hungry?"

"Yeah, I'm sure. I just ate some food not too long ago."

"Okay. I brought an extra plate, just in case if you do get hungry." He opened the bag, taking out a few of the containers and set them down on the coffee table. "So Anabelle, how are you?"

I shrugged my shoulders, watching as he opened up one of the containers. He looked up at me, noticing that I was silent. He set down his plate on the coffee table, got up from the small couch and walked over to where I was, sitting down on the empty spot right next to me on the bigger couch.

"Look, I know we don't know a lot about each other and you probably don't trust me at all, but I think we should start to trust each other and talk to each other about things, you know? We're having a baby. We're going to be spending lots of time together, so I believe it's time we start developing a trusting friendship. If that makes sense."

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