16 - Lay Me Gently in the Cold Dark Earth

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Anyone still reading this story? lmao

Miss Procrastinator is back. I had some life/relationship/guy/friend/fuckboi problem im kind of over it now but sometimes I feel like shit. Anyways, here's the update. [If you're a very noisy person and want to know just send me a private message ;)]


Mia P.O.V.

Boys workin' on empty
Is that the kinda way to face the burning heat?
I just think about my baby
I'm so full of love I could barely eat
There's nothing sweeter than my baby
I'd never want once from the cherry tree
Cause my baby's sweet as can be
She'd give me toothaches just from kissin' me

When, my, time comes around
Lay me gently in the cold dark earth
No grave, can hold my body down
I'll crawl home to her

The song "Work Song" by Hozier started to play through my computer. I softly sang the lyrics while cleaning my floor with a broom. Something is wrong. I could feel it deep down, but what was it I don't know.

I could feel my body telling me that something had happened but I decide to ignore it as I listen to music. Because music is the best type of therapy for me.

For some its playing a certain sport, cooking, going for a jog, driving towards anonymous destination, but for me it was definitely music.

After a few moments I heard a knock on my door. I turned my head and removed a few pieces of my hair that was hanging on front of my face.

Quietly I walked towards the door and looked through a small hole to see who was behind it. It was Christopher. I exhaled the breath that I was holding and unlocked the door.

"Hey!" I said, giving him a quick hug.

"Hey," he gave me a quick his on the cheek, "How was your day?"

I started to walked towards the kitchen and he followed me, "I'm doing great so far. How was work?"

He scratched the back of his neck with his arm and looked down, "What's wrong?" I asked in concern.

"We need to talk."

My eyes widened. Is he going to break up with me? No Mia you're stupid. I shook my head. "Um, sure. What about?"

"Your parents."

"Did you find them? What happened?!"

He walked me towards the couch and sat me down placing his hand on my lower back making me a little bit less calm.

"Listen, I never told this news to another person before and I don't really know how to say this to you without..." he coughed.

My eyes widened, "Without what?"

He shook his head looking away but still giving me his full attention, I knew he really didnt want to tell me but he has to.

"I've talked with my best investigator and he said that, your parents had been murdered. I'm really sorry Mia. But I will for sure find the guy and I will murder him with my own hands. You got that?"

He started to talk again but my mind blocked every single noise that was coming to me. There is no way that they're dead. It can't happen like that, the chances of anyone that I know being murdered is low.

They have been murdered. A voice in my head told me.

I felt my chest tighten, my heart started to beat fast and the headache was starting to develop in my head. I wish I knew that last phone call I made was my last one. I could have said so much to them, I could have changed so many things. This is all my fault.

Chris shook me, "Mia? Are you ok?"

I looked at him, "Hm?"

"Are you ok? Please don't think it's your fault. You didn't know."

I nodded my head without saying anything, "Im going to go take a shower." I stood up from the couch and Chris stood up with me.

"Mia, please don't shut yourself out from me."

"I'm not. I'm just going to take a warm shower. I'll be back in a few minutes." I tried to give him a small smile but I couldn't because the tears where getting close to bursting out.

"Do you want me to make you anything to eat?"

"Some green tea please."

He nodded his head and softly kissed my lips and walked towards the kitchen scratching the back of his head.

I quickly walked into my bathroom and locked the door. As the lock clicked the tears were free and I slowly slid down the white door. I sat in a crouching position with my palms against my face. Every memory I had with the flashed into my mind. I regretted every time me and my mom had a fight, every time I said 'No' to going with them to their friends BBQ party. I should have went. I should have talked longer on the phone with my mom.

After about 30 minutes of crying I heard a knock on my door.

"Mia? Are you OK in there?" Chris asked gently.

I wiped away my tears, "I just want to be alone for a few minutes please."

"Alright, I'm sorry Mia. If you need anything I'll be in the office."


I heard him leave the room and I started to cry again. I got up from the ground and looked up into my mirror. My cheeks were red and my mascara was running down my face. My eyes were puffy and I looked like I cried a river.

I walked towards the shower and turned it on. I slowly got undressed and walked inside. As the water drops hit my delicate skin more tears came out. I just couldn't stop crying. It was like an itch that couldn't stop itching. Once you start, it was take you forever to stop the feeling.

For how long I'm going to feel like this. How many more tears can I release.

After about another hour just standing in the shower I decided to quickly wash my hair. I was so tired that I did not have more energy to put conditioner.

Leaving the shower, I put a fluffy red tower around my body and my hair. I walked into my room and grabbed some pajama shorts and a navy blue t-shirt that had a monkey on it.

I t-shirt that my mom gave me when I was 15 and it still fit me.

I walked towards the bed and saw tea mug on the bedside table. It was probably cold already but I didn't care. I took a few large sips and got under the covers.

Just as I almost fell asleep Chris came into the bedroom. He kneeled down by my face and caressed my face. He kissed my cheek and got up again and walked towards the shower.

I was awake as a bed dipped next to me and I knew it was him. I moved my body so my face was placed on top of his chest and he wrapped his arm around me.

Kissing my head, he said, "Good night." and we both drove into our dream land.

Long chapter? Short? It's like 1200 words. No promises when my next chapter will come out, you guys know me XD

Right now I'm starting my 2nd semester of college and I have like 5 classes. FML I have a lot of reading (not that i hate it) but sometimes it get's really boring and I don't have any way I could connect to it. But yeah.... how you guys doing?




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