Chapter 17

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Jax watched Bart Silverman as he walked across the main grounds to the cabin he shared with his wife, Meredith. He quietly made his way near a window once Dr. Silverman had entered.

"I talked to Genevive," Meredith announced.

"Honey, I told you I didn't touch her. I would never do that to you."

There was a moment of silence before Meredith spoke, "I know...but still."

"No, there's no but. You're my wife. I love you. I'm not some dumb kid like I was when I was younger. I'm wiser. More mature...and I have better taste." He leaned down and kissed his wife.

Meredith pushed him away, "Stop Bart. You know we can't-"

"Yes we can. We both know sex won't harm the baby."

Meredith shook her head, "We've had three miscarriages. Abstinence has kept this baby alive in me for so long. I told you as soon as I found out we were expecting, I don't even want to risk it. Today I had stomach pains. No Bart. We have to do this for our son."

He pressed his forehead against hers and exhaled, "I'm doing this for our child but as soon as he's born and you're cleared, we're going to have to make up for all this celibacy."

Meredith kissed her husband, "That's a promise."

Outside, Jax wondered how far along Meredith was in her pregnancy. He wondered if Bart was lying about cheating on his wife. He sounded sincere but the doctor did have a dubious past. A few minutes later, Jax saw the couple exit their lodge. He stepped back so they wouldn't see him.

"I'm going to take Mrs. Morgan to the lake. She'll feel more relaxed once she thinks the water is blessing her."

"Okay. I'll get her medical paperwork ready for her. It shouldn't take too long to prep her for tomorrow. Then I'll meet you back in our cabin and we can continue where we left off," Bart tickled his wife who squirmed in his arms.

"Okay. Just go over her chart and the pregnancy pamphlet. Send her back to her husband. Try not to let her ask too many questions or you'll be there for hours."

Bart laughed, "They always have a ton of questions. Remember one of the main reasons these women finally get pregnant is because we get them relaxed. If you want, we can switch and I can go with her to the lake and you can do the briefing."

"No thanks. I don't have the patience for that. If we didn't charge so much, I'd say we should skip the pre-pregnancy briefing completely," Meredith said, her hands on her belly.

"Well it's part of the show. We have to play up the magical lake."

"Magical?" Meredith laughed. "Well it is magical if someone believes it is."

"Shhh before someone hears you," her husband warned.

Jax watched them kiss again before walking in different directions. He was going to follow Bart when he saw Dani Deleon walking cautiously towards the lake.

Without thinking, Jax followed her. The sun was setting and she was trying to stay hidden. Jax wondered what she was up to. She was hiding behind some shrubbery, watching Meredith and Mrs. Morgan. He tapped her shoulder and she jumped.

"Jax, you scared me!"

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Spying. You're not going to believe what I saw. First let's see what the big deal is with this lake."

Jax and Dani watched as Meredith and Mrs. Morgan both walked towards the lake. Mrs. Morgan was in a swimsuit. She slowly walked ahead of Meredith until she was waist-deep in water.

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