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After the party, Megatron decided to have a sleepover with the Autobots along with his Decepticons......

Wideye Prime: Isn't this nice all of us here in the Autobot base having a sleepover with sleeping bags and pillows! :)

Megatron: It would have been perfect if it weren't that rounded autobot taking lots of space! *Glares at Bulkhead*

Bulkhead: Careful, I am sensitive of my weight!

Knockout: Hey guys, have you seen Soundwave anywhere?

Starscream: He was just here a minute ago..........

Wideye Prime: Anyway..... let's tell a scary story! *Gets a torch out of nowhere and turns it on and shines up his face*

Ratchet: Hey, I needed that!

Wideye Prime: Shhh Needy! Okay there was a group of kids that had a sleepover together in one of their houses.

Arcee: Scrap, we are having a sleepover.

Wideye Prime: Shut up! Anyway, during in the sleepover they heard a loud tapping sound from outside.

*Suddenly a tapping sound comes from behind them*

Megatron: Optimus, is this your doing?

Wideye Prime: No, I swear on my spark I didn't do that. 

Starscream: That what was that? *Starts to get scared*

Wideye Prime: Probably was just an animal so the children went to see what it was. When they got out of the house, the sound stopped then turned into a high screeching sound.

*A screeching sound comes*


Ratchet: You know there is no such things. 

Bulkhead: Maybe the monster got Soundwave. :(

Wideye Prime: And so the children started to get headaches and weird images in their heads about a tall man wearing a suit and blood red tie with a pale white skin but had no face. 

Megatron: No, not the tall man.......

Wideye Prime: The screeching sound stopped and the children stopped getting the images. When they opened their eyes there in front of them was a...................

Soundwave: *Appears to jumpscare the Autobots and Decepticons. Gets his huge metal tentacles out* I AM SLENDERMAN!

Everyone: AHHHHHHHHHHH! HELP! *Screams and run around the room*

Soundwave: HEHEHEHEHEHE......*Disappears in the dark*