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Rin's Tail ~Ao No Exorcist~ Fanfic

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Rin's Tail

By: Momo-Senpi

A/N:There is a picture on DA with the same title and everything.The pic inspired me but I can't remember their name.I would like to. Credit them

I do not own Ao No Exorcist and it belongs to their rightful owner.

P.S Un-Betaed cause I'm lazy.Deal with it


Minutes that seemed like hours pass as Yukio absent-mindely watch the other male.Instead of reading his new Shoujo manga Yukio took more intrest in watching his Nii-San strut around the room playing with Blackey.He couldn't help but stare at it.Rin's Tail that is.The way it'll stick up and sway like one of a cat.'A fluffy puff at the end as well'.Yukio muttered to himself.

He watched as Rin's tail bounce with each movement He had made.Unbeknownst to Rin,Who is only fixtated on playing with Blackey,His tail was proving a great annoyance to Yukio.Yukio had plopped his manga on his desk before calling out to Rin.

"Nii-San..."Yukio stated pushing the front of his glasses closer to his face out of pure annoyance.

Rin looked up at Yukio as he dropped Blackey down onto the floor."Hm...?"He hummed

"Your tail is showing..."Yukio stated matter-o-factly.

The two exorcist looked at eachother for a moment.One confused and one annoyed.

"This..?"Rin said as his tail curled up closer to his mid back-section his puff straight in the air.

"YES!!"Yukio shouted out of aggravation.

Long pause.A few moments later Yukio pinned Rin to the ground and reached for his tail.Rin was shocked by the sudden motionec but shurgged it off quickly.He blushed a bright pink and struggled to get Yukio off of him.

"Please stop struggling Nii-san!"Yukio said trying to stop Rin from struggling so much

"DON'T TOUCH IT!!"Rin yelled practically screaming.

"...Nii-san stop acting like a kid."Yukio muttered loud enough for Rin to hear.

"NO!!Leave my tail alone!"Rin screeched trying to pull Yukio off him once more

Yukio had managed to get Rin's tail in his hand and tugged on it.

"Nii-san if you won't do it then I will it for yo--!!"Yukio said getting cut-off by a low moan from his older brother.

"AH~.....Noooo~...Y-Yukio Let me go~..."Rin panted his face a flushed dark red.His breathe escaping him in pants .Saliva escaping his mouth sliding down his lips and chin.Sweat sliding down his face.

"!!??"Yukio paled letting Rin's tail slip from his hand.Long pause.Rin took this moment to push Yukio off of him.Embrassed and frustrated he ran for the door.

'T-that was...'Yukio thought covering the obvious nosebleed he has.

"IDDIOOOOOOOTTTTTT!!!!!!YUKIO YOUR SUCH AN IDOIT!!!!"Rin yelled before slamming the door leaving Yukio to his thoughts.



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