Tom Riddle Love Story

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(Vera Salvation)

My name is Vera Azella Salvation this is my story of falling in love with Tom Riddle.

"Come on! We're gonna miss the train!" I turned around and saw my brother Deldus looking impatient and annoyed.

I was sitting down reading a advanced magic book agian. "Well it's about time!" I muttered to myself as I grabbed my bag and walked with him to the train.

"Can I sit with you?" I asked softly as I saw the Gryiffindor kids laughing and teasing me about having a brother in Slytherin

"Yeah, V. . . Anytime you know if you want why don't you ask mom to home school you?" I shook my head and got on the train right behind him.

"Because that will show them that I am a scared girl. I hate being a Gryffindor, D and you know that!" I sat down by him and huffed.

"Hey- oh what wrong, Azella?" I straightened up and saw Tom Riddle.

The Slytherin Prince and the boy I loved. "H-hey Tom" I stuttered and smiled throughy tears at him.

"What happened this time?" I shook my head and hugged him as he came towards me. "It's just James and Bloody weasel" I whispered.

"Watch what will happen to them this year, Az" I nodded and smiled "where's Malfoy?" I asked just as Lucious entered looking amused.

"Speak if the devil!" D said as Lucious kept snickering to himself "What happened now?" I asked just as I heard a scream.

"That. Happened, Bella helped me prank Lily Sage James Potters new girlfriend" I smirked and shook my head.

"Why hello! What was that wonderful scream I heard?" I chuckled as I saw Bella sit by Deldus and wink at him.

(Tom Riddle)

I hated seeing my best friend cry. Gryffindor's are supposed to be nice and sweet instead they treat her like a filthy mud-blood when all of them are filthy muggle Norns and half bloods.

"Hey Tom!" I turned around and saw Lucious Malfoy walking towards me smirking at me. "What have you done now?" I asked

"Nuh-uh!" she shook his finger at me and smirked "Just wait for it, my friend"

I shook my head and waved him off "Wheres Necrissa? You two are usually attached at the hip. . ."

"yeah just like you and Vera!" I snorted and shook my head "what are you talking about?" I asked as I leaned against the window outside the train box that Vera laid down sleeping on her brothers lap.

"You're in love with Vera Thomas Mavolo Riddle (sorry if I spelled his middle name wrong I'll fix it when I can) and don't say you don't all of us see the way you two look at eachother. . ."

"She can't love me. . . I am a Slytherin Prince who could ruin her life. . ." I whispered as I saw her Vera jolt awake her bleach natural blond hair getting in the front of her face as she looked at her brother and smiled.

"Yes but she chose you because she fell in love with the Tom she met in first year who told her welcome home. . . Every year you say that to her when she put her head on your shoulder."

"LUCIOUS!" I covered my ears as I saw Crissy smiling and running into her beloved Fiancé's arms. "Hello, my love" I pushed myself upright and went into the cabin.

I was in love with Vera but she couldn't be in love with me surely?


"GRYFFINDOR TRAIDER!" I flinched and walked faster away from them and went to find my brother and my friends.