"It involves your ex-boyfriend." He said to me. "We need as many men we can get."

"My dad didn't want to work with him before." I explained.

"Desperate time, desperate measure." Hunter said to me.

"Okay, then I guess I would make sure there isn't a civil war happening inside this damn jet." I told him, standing up. James was about to ask me something, when I stopped him. "No, you are not allowed to shoot him, Buck." I snapped at him, knowing what he was going to ask. He lifted up his hands in defense.

"I was just making sure that you were okay with it. Clearly, you are not." James said flatly, rolling his head.

"There is something else you should know too." Hunter said, standing up. "Skye has disappeared of the safe house. Somebody took her." He passed me a tablet that was a few seats away. "You might want to take a look at it." Hunter said, handling it to me. I looked at the video of Skye using her powers against an agent. I sighed, shaking my head.

"Now, they think Skye is a threat too because she can't control her powers. She just did it by instinct." I mumbled to myself. I felt James look at the video over my shoulder. "I still have to seat down to teach her, but I haven't been able to because of the damn real SHIELD."

"Well, you can consider doing that after we finish with the real SHIELD problem." James pointed out.

"Yeah, but how are we going to find her." I asked him.

"Wait, get back." He said, taking the tablet away from me. He re-played the video until a blue light appeared. He stopped it, handling it to me. "See, we got our clue to find Skye." I looked closely at the man, recognizing him from an old SHIELD footage.

"He was there when Raina disappeared." I told him. "He doesn't have eyes, and somehow he sees everything. I know what his power is. I know somebody who can do what he does. The only difference is that he doesn't use it to take people."

"So, do you know how to find him?" James asked me.

"I don't." I told him.

"But we know somebody who knows." My dad said to me. "We first have to pick up Fitz though." My dad said.

"Then why do you we need, my ex-boyfriend?" I asked him.

"He is getting us in." My dad said.

"What if that doesn't work out?" I asked him. My dad ignored my question, knowing himself that the plan wasn't the best one. "Well, I guess we have to find out. Don't we?" I told James. James just rolled his eyes, sitting down on a chair.

"I guess so." He simply said, looking at me


After picking up Fitz, and seeing some idiotic agents crash into the quinjet; we went to pick up Grant. I knew the Grant wouldn't accept working with us easily. So, my dad thought it would be one smart to held Kara hostage, until Grant came to pick her up. It obviously worked because now, I was standing on the shadows looking at him.

"Bringing a robot along with you just for a seat down with me? I'm flattered." Grant told my dad. I scoffed, looking at the two in the shadows. Grant's famous smirk never failing to disappear.

"Are you sure about this?" James asked, leaning on the wall behind me. I just had to turned slightly around to face him, due to his proximity.

"I'm sure." I reassured him. James sighed, nodding at me.

"Sturcker's list. You know where to find it." My dad said to him.

"Sorry, I can't help you. I'm not in HYDRA anymore." Grant said, shrugging at the idea of helping my dad.

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