19 | TEAM UP

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      I WALKED UP the quinjet, followed by James. He put the bags down in the floor, looking at the man standing inside. He went out for his gun, but I stopped him. "Don't, he is on our side." I told him. I smiled at Peterson. "Hey, nice upgrade. I did put some effort into it too." I joked, looking at amazing suit Fitz and I made. I small smile spread on my face when I saw Hunter come out of the piloting seat. He didn't hesitated to hug me. I sighed, hugging him tighter. He kissed the side of my hair. "I was so worry about you." I whispered to Hunter. I let go looking with a small smile.

Hunter brushed back my hair, looking thoughtfully at the small scratch in my head. "Where did you got the bloody scratch?" He asked me concerned. I rolled my eyes.

"When the wall she was close to blew off." James cut in the conversation. "It wasn't that bad of a hit. I think your friend Mack took most of it."

"He isn't my friend. He was, past tense mate." Hunter corrected him.

"Got it, mate." James told him, trying to mock him. I held back a laugh as I saw James walked to the pilot cabin.

"He is really sarcastic. Just like you." I explained to Hunter. "He saved me you know." I explained to him. I looked at Peterson who was watching James carefully. "Peterson, he is our side." I informed him.

"I'm glad he is. We need as many people as possible." My dad said, walking inside. He had a bag with him. I looked at it curious. "There are blueberry muffins. Your favorites." He said to me. He handling it to me. I gave him a grateful smile.

"I already had too many donuts." I told my dead, taking a seat next to Hunter.

"She did, sir." James told him. I rolled my eyes at him. My dad nodded, putting them beside me.

"Where are we going?" I asked my dad.

"We are going to pick up Fitz. He has Fury's toolbox." My dad explained.

"How did he got out of the HQ?" I asked him. I wasn't going to admit that James and I were able to access the security cameras for the SHIELD base. If he ever finds out, he would have increase the security.

"Said he quit SHIELD." Hunter explained. "It was believable since you were his closest friend. The real SHIELD knew that."

"Where did they held you?" I asked him.

"No where too dangerous if you were wondering." Hunter told me with a small smirk. I let out a fake laugh.

"Like that was the most worrying thing. I thought the were torturing you for information." I explained to him. "I wasn't worry about the setting, you idiot. I was mainly worry about you."

"Well, now you shouldn't be love." He said, giving me a briefly kiss on the cheek. "They know about your friendship with metal arm over there. They believe that you were spying on Captain America. They thought the same thing about your dad too. The only difference was that your dad's brain was affected by an alien operation." He added.

"They thought that the guy whose most precious thing is a collection of Captain America cards. That's just pure stupidity." I told him.

"Well, the new plan your dad has sure is." James said, walking towards me and Hunter. "Agent Hunter," James greeted Hunter.

"Agent Barnes," I whispered to Hunter. "Winter Soldier works too." I added.

"Agent Barnes," Hunter said to him, handling him his hand. James shook his hand without hesitation, which caused me to smile.

"I'm not an agent yet." James said.

"Well, but that name would do for now on." I smartly told him. "What's my dad's plan then?" I asked him. James sighed, looking at me with caution.

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