Part 18

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I sighed burning myself on my curlers again but not having cats to blame it on this time. Tonight I was going out with Ashly, Eugene and All the Buzzfeed friends. I Looked at my floor where I had laid out a few different dress ideas for the night. I decided to go with red because lets be honest I wanted to go home with my boyfriend, and red showed of my curves. I did light make-up and put on some red heels just as someone knocked on my door.

"Hello beautiful" Eugene gave me a toothy grin.

"Hello" My cheeks turned a light shade of pink, Eugene gave me quick kiss before taking my hand.

"How was your day?" Eugene asked.

"Good thanks, yours?"

"Better now that I'm with you"


"What do you want to drink" I asked as we entered the bar where people were jumping about and yelling. Eugene asked for his usual beer and thanked me before heading over to the Buzzfeed team who were dancing. As I ordered the drinks some guy came up to me and tried to flirt using pick-up lines.

"Hey sweetie, Why don't why play Titanic, I'll be the ice berg and you go down" 

I ignored him.

"That dress looks amazing on you but I think it would look even better on my bedroom floor"

"I think it would look better on mine" I heard Eugene say from behind me. He then wrapped an arm around my waist.

"And who are you?" The creepy guy asked.

"Her boyfriend"

"Pfft, You can have her she's not even that hot" He then stormed off.

"Am I not hot?" I asked Eugene.

"No Y/N you're not hot" I pulled a face " You're beautiful"

"Aww" I leaned up and kissed him he pulled me closer to him and I ran my fingers through his hair. "Okay, Lets go back to the table"

"You're just gonna leave me there?"

"Yes" I said swaying my hips as I walked away.

"What up girl" Ashly Greeted me.

"Not much" I let my eyes travel toward the ceiling " There's some lights.."

"Really. You're not funny"

"I think you are" Eugene kissed me on the check passing me my drink. A serious of aws passed through the table.

"Who's going on about their partner now?" Ned asked

"Still you" I said.

"Did you see the billboard outside?" Quinta asked.

"Yeah what was up with that?" Ashly said.

"Yeah, Y/N?" Keith asked.

"What?" Everyone looked at me.

"Come on" Ashly said pulling me outside everyone else followed.

"Wha--" I looked up and on the billboard there was a girl with dirty almost brown hair, a dark purple mans button front shirt some black high waisted pants and bright red lipstick. It took me a couple seconds before I realized it was me.

Hello friends. I hoped you liked this chapter I know its short, but I wanted to update. Yes or no with the model Idea? Love you!!! 

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