Ready Aim Fire (Angst)

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In the midst of battle, all the Avengers were doing their best to defeat the invading aliens. Thor using his hammer to smash, Hulk just smashing away. Steve throwing his shield. Natasha and Clint were back to back, shooting all aliens they could aim at. Tony, high up in the sky, was shooting at the giant, ominous space ship. Aliens flew out on hover boards of some sort. Tony's eyes widened as he saw a whole gang of them charging his way. He flew up last second and aimed his repulsors at them, he hit maybe one or two, but the rest turned and fired bright green lasers back at Tony. Tony was struck in the chest and the arm, knocking Tony back, he fell a few feet before stabling himself and aiming again. 

"Tony... Tony! What's going on up there?!" Steve called out through the radio. Tony had no time to properly answer, his eyes and mind were focused on the brown, hideous aliens. "Lasers!" He shouted. He shot again and smirked as he saw an alien get struck and fall, hitting multiple as it fell. Tony flew towards the alien ship, increasing his speed as he got closer. Every inch, every foot closer he got, the bigger the ship grew. He held a fist in front of him and crashed through the wall, tumbling into a corridor of the ship. Tony heard sirens blare to signal his arrival. Tony ran down the corridor, a loud clank following every foot step. He aimed down and shot a hole in the floor.Tony descended into what looked like the engine room. 

"Tony! Where are you?!" Natasha yelled, her voice was full of concern. The aliens down on the ground were decreasing in number, but their were still a whole lot left. Tony didn't answer, he was looking over the engine in front of him. Tony attempted to shoot it with a repulsor, but it didn't seem to do much damage. There was a loud banging that emitted from the door of the engine room. Tony turned his head to face the door, it was blocked with some boxes he saw in the room, Tony turned back to the engine and put his arms to his sides. His chest glowed bright blue as he charged his uni-beam. He closed his eyes.

Ready... Aim..... Fire.

Tony shot the uni-beam and was knocked back a little bit. He opened his eyes to see the beam crash into the engine. The lights in the room went out and there was a sudden flash.

The engine exploded and Tony was shot back against the hard metal wall that eventually exploded as well. Tony fell unconscious as his head slammed against the wall, his body fell to the floor, going out the bottom of the ship. Tony opened his eyes to the numb falling sensation, he looked up to the ship as it exploded in a giant blast of light. Tony closed his eyes, the last things he saw were the burning shrapnel falling around him and the bright white clouds as he passed. 

On the ground, all the aliens were defeated and everyone jumped at the exploding space ship above them. Steve called into the radio, "STARK! Are you there?!" He shouted, his voice filled with fear and concern. Clint raised his hand and pointed at something in the sky. "There he is! He.. He's crashing!" Clint yelled. Steve felt tears start to burn his eyes, but he blinked them away. Hulk went charging to the presumed sight Tony would crash in, but passed out and turned back to Bruce before he could reach it. 

Tony's body slammed head first into the concrete, full force. Steve blocked his eyes from the puff of dust and ran over to the unconscious body of Tony Stark. Natasha, Clint, and Thor followed him quickly. Steve fell to his knees next to the body and grabbed the scratched, dented face mask. Steve tore it off and looked at the bruised and bloody face that laid beneath it. "Tony.." Steve said breathlessly. Steve tore his own mask off and let the tears slowly roll down his cheeks as he stared. "Steve.. He.. He needs a hospital.." Natasha said softly. Clint nodded in agreement, and Thor walked over and picked up the limp suit. Steve watched with misery as Natasha ran with Thor to a hospital that wouldn't be too crowded with people. 

Clint helped Steve up and watched as SHIELD agents started cleaning up the debris from battle. "Let's go back to Stark towers.. I think you need some rest dude.." Clint said, he himself letting tears roll down his cheeks freely. "We need to go see if Tony's all right!" Steve said and went to run after Thor and Natasha. Clint stopped him by pressing his hand firmly to Steve's chest. "What we need to do is relax.. Man... We need to calm down and.. and.." Clint stumbled over his words and then put his bow on his back. Steve sighed and stared off. Clint practically dragged Steve and Bruce back to the tower, where Steve took a warm shower and went straight to bed. 

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