Po' It Up, Po' It Up...

Watch it all fall out... 

Po' It Up, Po' It Up...

That's how we ball out!

Y'all please excuse my randomness! xD 

But that's not the point of this author's note though. I wanna say thanks to the ones that vote and comment on this story that I doubt that it'll be something to Wattpad. To be honest, I've never thought of myself writing a story like this. Y'know, a BoyxBoy story. I started this story on April and I finished it on that same month. Wow. I thought this story would take me forever to finish. The reason why I put Justin Bieber and Mindless Behavior's Princeton together? Well, um...I wanted to be different. My first thought was Jaden Smith x Princeton. HAHA didn't know that huh?! :D Ever since I be working on this project, I've been having some unfollwers as well. But it's all cool. That's nothing to trip about. I'm just surprised that no one didn't bother to commenting saying:


or, "Wtf? Why you put Princeton gay?"

or,  "This is the worst crap I've ever read."

And all that negatively shit. I love Justin Bieber. I love Princeton. But safe to say that I loved Justin before I notice Mindless Behavior. Aw, my days when I use to hate MB with all my guts.I use to insult Princeton. Yes, I was blind. Haha, now look at me, I'm a part of #TeamMindless! :) I'm still that Belieber. That never leaves the building. You see that I can get a little sidetracked! I must admit, reading homosexuality stories is the SHIT!! :)

So hey, I wanted to try writing one. 

I'm also the the co-writer for Anything Could Happen (Narry Storan). It's a 1D BoyxBoy that's by one of my best Watty friend, ShaazzaaAmmmyy. Y'all go read that if you like One Direction. (Or even if you don't like em at all!) 

I appreciated every votes!

I ESPECIALLY appreciated every comments! Y'all mostly having me ctfu. 

For the ones that was wondering all over this story and also wanted to take a pretty wild guess on....

Justin's the male and Jacob's the female. 

If you're mad at that, well you can screw the sequel that's premiering in June! I don't give a flying mother fuck *Shrugs*

Also my birthmonth! ^_^ The big 17! Haha. So basically, this my last month to enjoy being a 16 year old. 

The day I'll turn 17 is the second Monday of June, if you care to know. Aw, you gonna forget anyway like my friends did...

Back to the talking about the sequel, I can't tell you anything about it. I can tell you the title! Keep scrolling until you see bold words.