All thats beautiful, must come to an end..

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"Oh my God Grandma! This is the sweetest story ever!"

I sighed and stood up. On my way to the kitchen I saw my reflection in the mirror. My green grandpa sweater was hanging down from my boney shoulders. The grey hair was as curly as always and my hazel eyes were slowly loosing color.


"Yes Nia?"

"We better get ready."

She smiled and I could see it in her eyes that she was worried about me. I smiled back and walked to my room. The closet was already opened and all I had to do was put on the black clothes that my doughter had bought me. After a few minutes I was ready to go.

The drive there was silent. I was sitting in the back with my granddoughter Nia. In the front, Roxie, my doughter, was sitting in the passanger seat next to Robert, her husband, who was driving.

"Mum, you know, you could come live with us. The house is too big for just the three of us. And we could use the company."

"Yes! Granny you simply have to live with us!"

I chuckled.

"Thank you for the offer. But I think I'm gonna stay home."

Those were the last words that came out of my mouth. When we came to the cemetary I was feeling the sadness and couldn't say a word.

There was a lot of people I didn't even know, and a lot of people that I couldn't imagine my life without. In the back I saw Elena and her 2 doughters and a son. And a few steps away, I saw Liam, Louis, Zayn and Harry. Mary Ann was there also. And Nicole too. I think I also saw Joshua and Ed.



"Would you like to say a few words?"

I nodded and cleared my throat. Roxie helped me to the platform and I took a piece of paper out of my purse.

"A lot of you already know all of the moments Niall and I shared. Some of you were even there when we met."

I looked over at the boys and they smiled. I saw tears in their eyes.

"Others came into our lives later."

I heard Roxie clearing her throat behind me.

"And we couldn't wish for a better family... and friends... that we got through the 42 years that we were married.."

I felt a tear streamed down my cheek and my throat started itching.

"We had our ups and downs. But at the end of the day, we were the happiest couple ever. I couldnt imagine a day without his smile. And whenever I looked into his deep blue eyes, I felt like the happiest person alive."

My throat started hurting and I felt more than one tear in my eyes.

"I'm sorry..."

I whispered. I turned around and took a step down the stairs my the platform. Roxie was already waiting for me and when I saw her crying, all I could do was hug her tight. I felt another person hugging me from the back. It was Elena. And from the side the boys came in for a hug too. After that I dont even remember when the hug stopped. People were joining in until everyone was hugged and we felt like one. I looked up in the sky and saw the very first star of that night.

"I love you Niall."


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