Math with a Fury (Now Percy is muttering why again)

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Piper POV
As I followed Zoë to Math, we were talking about stuff.

"So where are you from?" Zoë asked me.

"I'm from California, but I went to a lot of boarding schools. I just moved in with my friends, because I don't want to go to another boarding school and my dad is ok with it." I responded.

"Coolio!" She said. "Tell me some basic stuff about you."

"Well, my name is Piper, my favorite color is light purple, my favorite animal is a metal dragon, my favorite book is the Hunger Games, and I don't have a favorite movie. It's probably something Disney." I said. "Your turn."

"Ok." Zoë said. "My name is Zoë, my favorite color is the color of your eyes, my favorite animal is a hippo, my favorite book is probably Harry Potter, and my favorite movie is the Lion King. And did you say your favorite animal is a metal dragon?"

"Yes. Long story." I said.

"Tell me." Zoë said sitting down in her seat and propped her head on her hand.

"Well..." I started, but then the bell rang. Saved by the bell. The teacher, a short little lady in a leather jacket, walked into the room.

"Hello class." She said in a raspy voice. I am Ms. Sodd and I am your calculus teacher."

Percy gasped as she turned around. Probably because she is so ugly. Her face is covered in scars and she had pitch black eyes. She almost had a Voldemort nose and thin lips. Ugly. She started the lesson, and Percy was squeezing Annabeth's hand like Tartarus was going to open and swallow them again. Zoë was also looking at the teacher wired. I looked at Jason and he shrugged. The lesson was uneventful, but at the end, Percy jumped up, and darted out of the room like when Annabeth sees a spider. We ran out after him. When we caught up I asked,

"Why did you run out on us Fish Face?"

"Fury, teacher, Yancy, museum, Dodds, 6th grade, algebra, help!" Percy muttered.

"What?" Jason asked.

"What he means is, in 6th grade at Yancy Academy, his pre-algebra teacher was a Lively One and he had to slice at a museum, and he hadn't even been to Camp yet." Annabeth explained in code. "Percy told me the story."

"Oh." Jason and I said, understanding.

"What? What's a lively one? And camp?" Zoë asked. "And what was Ms. Sodd? She looked like a bat/hag lady."
Zoë just perfectly explained a fury. She must be like Rachel and can see the Mist. Or... No. Not possible. The Mist is not fading get that idea out of my head. The warning bell rang and we headed off to our next class, English.

Hey! I'm sooooo sorry I haven't updated this book in, well, forever. I have school and I am in a new school, I was also busy all summer. The winner of last whenever I updated problem is madison127. Good job! That was hard!

QOTW: Who are all the children of the big 3 (in Percy Jackson born after 1900)?

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