Chapter Sixty-Three

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Justin's POV

"I still can't believe you fucking took my car," I laughed.  Just the thought of Brooke cruising around New York in my Ferrari had me smiling like a lunatic.

"We're going to get pulled over," Brooke fretted. 

She sat perched in my lap as I drove the car.  Brooke's eyes constantly wandered back to the rearview mirror and to both her sides.  I was simply enjoying myself.  "This is so illegal."

"Yes, and so is breaking out of a mental hospital." I said sarcastically. Sure, this was indeed illegal and quite unsafe, but if the cops found us, I'm sure they would be much more worried about how I am wandering around town instead of a girl not being in her proper seat.

"Justin this is dangerous." Her hair frantically fell in front of her eyes and I chuckled at the sight. I slicked her hair back and away from her face, gazing at her perfect complexion.

"Hush, kitten, just enjoy being in a luxury seat." I winked at her and she playfully rolled her eyes.  She finally leaned back against my chest and I curled one arm around her back while the other controlled the steering wheel. "Why don't you drive, baby?"  I took her dainty hand in mine, placing it on the leather steering wheel.

She hesitated at first before fisting the steering wheel, making sure her eyes are glued to the road. At least Brooke was a good driver, I swear to God, if I came back to a fucked up car...

Anyway, we were on our way to my house, deciding to spend the half an hour we had left curled up in my bed.   I don't know why I never said our, I just liked the sound of Brooke always being associated with things that were mine. Brooke in my clothes, in my house, on my bed; heaven.

Brooke's voice cuts me out of my day dream, "Justin! Stop!  There's a stop sign!" I looked at the road ahead, the street was abandoned, so I didn't bother with taking my food off the gas pedal, we simply drove right through the intersection.

"Baby, did you really forget? I don't stop for that shit," I laughed. 

She shook her head, "And here I was, thinking this mental hospital was going to do you some good."

"I think that idea was washed away once I threw my fist at that faggot back there." I rolled my eyes even thinking about that fuck face.

"Don't say things like that, Justin." Brooke scolded me.

I smirked at her, placing both of my hands on her thighs, rubbing the soft skin. "Why not, princess?" I kissed the back of her neck softly, inching my hands up every so often.

"B-because it's rude." She breathed out, pushing my hands away with one hand while the other fisted the wheel tightly. 

I simply laughed, she has been away from me for too long.

Brooke's POV

We rolled into the long driveway, Justin immediately ripping the key out of the ignition and turning me around so I straddled his lap.  "My beautiful little kitten, you are my prized possession."

"And you are mine," I whispered back, holding his face in my hands.  Staring at his flawless face had me tearing up. I couldn't believe he was in front of me.  It was so insanely surreal and I never wanted to leave his embrace.

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