How You Met Part 1

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So this is my first chapter ever hope you enjoy.
This is only part 1 but I'll be posting the second part soon.
Please comment and vote.
Word count: 878


You were driving home in terrible rain when your car ran into something. Oh shot what have I done? You opened the door and ran out in the rain to the front of the car where you saw a dog looking half dead.
Considering you were such an animal lover you couldn't just leave it there to die so carefully you picked it up and placed it in the passenger seat wrapping your jumper around it.

You quickly drove to the closet vet and once you got there ran in to see a dark hair bit with a nice jaw line. The boy looked up obviously surprised.

You hadn't realised you were crying until you started speaking
"I need help. I ran- I ran over a dog. Please save it."
He ran over and followed you out to your car, he carefully lifted the dog back inside and onto a table where he examined him.

"The dogs leg is broken but otherwise he's fine."
"Oh thank the gods." You muttered before standing up and started stroking him (the dog btw).
"The gods?" The boy asked looking amused.
"Umm yeah, you know the Greek and Roman ones."
Stilling smiling he asked "so what are you going to do with the dog? Keep the dog or put him in a shelter."
"I think I'll keep him. Thanks for everything..." You realised you didn't know his name yet.
"No problem and I'm Scott."

You were jogging through the woods lost in your muddled thoughts. When there was a loud thump when you bumped into a tree. Or at least you thought it was a tree.
"You shouldn't be alone in these woods."
You looked up to see that the tree wasn't in fact a tree but a very boy guy who happened to be glaring at you.
"I'm not alone, your here." You say smirking.
"Yeah but you don't know me. I could be a murderer."
"You wouldn't be able to kill me I'd beat your ass up before you could even lay a finger on me."
"Is that a bet?" He smirks for the first time.
"No why would I bet on my death?"
"So you admit I could easily kill you."
"I would never lie."
"Geez you're annoying I was just saying if I was a murderer you would be dead."
"So your not a murderer?"
"No of course not. But if I was what would you do?"
You smirk up at him before kneeling him in the balls and then elbowing him in the stomach and to top it off you tried to give him an upper cut with you fist but he grabbed your hand before you could.
"I get it your tough but-"
"No butts we're talking about you killing me."
"Which I could easily do."
"Good luck with that but you'll have to do it another day because I've got to get home now."
"So you're saying I'll see you another day?"
"Yeah you seem like a stalker type." You say before running off laughing.

You were at the police station waiting for your dad to finish his job when a boy in your history class came up to you.

"Ah Y/N what are you doing here? Have you finally been arrested?"
You roll your eyes at the boy in front of you but you couldn't remember his name because well you never spoke to each other.

"At least I live a little and not a goody goody."
"I guess you don't know me then because I'm not a goody goody."
"Aren't you that boy who's always with Scott and has been obsessed with Lydia for years?"
"I'm not obsessed with Lydia."
"Keep telling yourself that."

"Do you have to be so annoying?"
"Says you, your the one who came up to me."
"Well that was a bad idea."
"I can agree with that. Anyway I never got your name?"
"Seriously I've been in your history and math class for months now."
"I don't normally talk to boring people."
He rolls his eyes before answering "I'm Stiles."
"Yep, you're the guy that's obsessed with Lydia."

"So why are you here?" He asks.
"My dad's the new deputy and he's talking to the sheriff."
"That's my dad and so your dad is Mr Y/L/N?"
"Yes that's him."

You guys continued talking for a while and you realised he wasn't as annoying as he seemed to begin with but was very sarcastic.

"Well Stiles nice to meet you but my dads finished so I'm going now."
"Can't say the same to you."
You roll your eyes at his comment but don't say anything as you leave.

But as you got into your dad's car you got a message from the one and only Stiles saying 'I miss you already' I laugh as I could feel the sarcasm through the message.
You repeat the line he used before "can't say the same to you."
You guys carry on texting for about an hour and make plans to meet up soon.

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