Chapter Nine

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I know that none of my words will get through to him but this can simply not remain unaddressed. There is no way in hell he's going to get through with acting like this. But I am going to give him a fair chance which is definitely more than he deserves. I enter the teachers' lounge and look around, spotting him right away, chatting up Mrs. Parker who is definitely married with kids. I take a deep breath and approach them, tapping Mrs. Parker on the shoulder. "Excuse me, can I borrow our pretty boy here for a second?" I ask with a bittersweet smile. She laughs nervously, obviously feeling caught. "Yeah, sure, I've got class anyway."

Mr. Tarker eyes me sceptically as soon as she's gone. "I think you made it pretty clear that you don't want anybody to think you find me pretty." I laugh, shaking my head. "Oh, you misunderstood that, that was not a compliment. I was talking down to you and your sorry ass." His eyes widen and he looks around, hoping one of the other teachers who would find my swearing outragous have heard me but everyone's minding their own business, as they should. "Anything I've done? I mean, not that you need a reason to get upset and bitch about..." "Shut up" I say, gritting my teeth and trying to remain calm. He still doesn't take me seriously and I doubt he would even if I had my hands around his neck but this is just too big of an issue to be ignored. "It came to my attention that you taught my new class for the past three years." "Yeah, it was my first class" he replies. "And I was their first teacher here as well." I shake my head. "Well, I hope you haven't scarred them for life." He raises his eyebrows. "And what would make you assume that?" He's mocking me with his eyes but I don't have the time to make that be the thing that frustrates me about him. "Does the name Melanie Geasley ring any bells?" He looks at me, unimpressed. "What about her?" "Since she got to this school, the rest of the class has been picking on her, she doesn't have any friends and spends all her time at school by herself." He shrugs. "Some people just don't fit in." I bite my lip, I cannot handle this. "Then let me ask you a question, why, out of all the jobs a shallow asshole with a pretty face and a small penis could go for, did you decide to become a teacher?" "How dare you talk to me like this?" "Answer my question" I say, crossing my arms in front of my chest, catching him staring into my shirt. I cannot believe it. "I like kids." "No, you don't." "I don't have to listen to this" he scoffs and walks off, raising his hands in defense.

I turn around and notice Mrs. Fisher watching me. "Please don't tell the principle I called him a shallow asshole with a small penis" I say, biting my lip. She laughs. "Don't worry, I couldn't agree with you more." "Sadly, he still doesn't get it." "I don't think he ever will. But at least we know that you're better for his class." I press my lips together. "It's my class now."

I stop by the town square to see Wesley but he's not in his usual spot so I assume he's at the mall and decide to not bother him if he's trying to figure out if he has met the girl of his dreams. Sorry, seen the girl of his dreams from a far. So I decide to head home, making a stop at Daley's favourite Chinese to bring home some dinner. I also grab a Starbucks on the way before finally making my way home. Once I open the door, there's loud typing but no blasting music so I know he's on a roll and I shouldn't disturb him. I open up a bottle of coke for him and unpack his Chinese, putting it next to him. He doesn't even look up and keeps typing. "Thanks, Bev, you are my dream woman" he mumbles almost not audibly though and that's as much appreciation as I will ever get from him.

I sit down on the couch and turn on my computer, connecting it to the TV. I haven't watched any of my TV-shows in ages. It doesn't take long until Daley joins me. "I didn't mean to take you out of your writing chi." He laughs. "No, I was almost done anyway, it was just a very important scene." I smile. "Alright. Want me to catch you up?" I ask as he looks at the TV in confusion. He shakes his head and leans back, closing his eyes. "No, I just kind of want to chill. Thanks for the food." "You're welcome." "So, how was work?" "I found out a girl in my class was being bullied." He opens his eyes again and looks at me curiously. "What'd you do?" "I talked to her about it, asked her if there's anything I could do and offered to have lunch with her. She's a really nice kid. And there's nothing wrong with her like a strange name or her looks, there's nothing those kids could be opposed to. But I guess it can happen to anyone." He nods. "It can. Even the most popular people." I nod too. "And I guess I should've checked this out before taking the class but guess who had them before me." "Like, what teacher? I don't know anybody at your school, how the hell would I know...? Oh, wait. No, don't say..." I nod. "Yup, jolly jolly Mr. Tarker. And he never did anything about it and when I confronted him with it today, he was so indifferent, I mean, how can someone be like that?" Daley sighs. "That guy is unbelivable, how has he not been fired yet?" "I bet whoever wanted to fire him developed some kind of sick crush." "Good looking people" Daley scoffs and runs his fingers through his hair as if he was in slow motion shampoo ad. "Daley..." He laughs. "Sorry but ... I just cannot with this guy, it's impossible." I sigh too. "I know. I just wish there was something that'd really help her, you know? I know I can't make those kids become her friends but I also know that it'd be strange to change classes now for her. And who knows if she'd fit in there?" "I just hate kids, they can be horrible." "But you know that's why I became a teacher, I love kids and I want to bring out the best in them which is why I wish there was something I could do for her, something to really make a change. But all those organisations and hotlines, nobody takes those seriously because it's just the adults setting something up to make themselves feel better and so then can say they're doing something, it's not really helping bullying victims." Daley shrugs. "I know, Bev, I know." I laugh. "I'm sorry, I'm rambling about this." "No, it's cool, you're passionate about it and how many monologues have you heard of me complaining about my book or the publishers or all that."

After a while, there's a ring at the door. "Did you order more food I don't know about?" Daley grins, his eyes lighting up. I laugh. "No, sorry." I get up and open the door, seeing Wesley. "What's up?" "So, you know that girl, right?" "I don't but alright." He laughs nervously. "Well..." he goes on and walks past me. I close the door behind him and turn. "Do come in..." I mumble but he doesn't even hear me. "I wrote this rap and it's really good and it's like the perfect song because she said I should write her a song so I did and it's done but I don't want her to hear it because she may be offended by it but I just wrote my true feelings, you feel?" He looks lost, staring at me, then around the room. When his eyes meet Daley's, Daley laughs. "What's up, man?" "Have you ever been into a girl that was flippin' unreachable?" "I thought you talked to her" Daley asks. Wes shakes his head. "Why am I even talking to you? What girl can't you have? Bev, don't you let him get anywhere near the mall." Daley laughs again and turns back to the TV, knowing Wes won't take his opinion seriously in this anyway. He's always on about how unfair it is that Daley is prettier than any man alive. The 'alive' needs to be added to not insult James Dean.

"What can I do for you, Wes?" I ask. He sighs. "Can you listen to the rap? Tell me if it's too much?" I nod. "Of course." "Alright..." He takes a deep breath, then starts beat boxing a little bit, once Daley's gotten the hang of it, he takes over (they've done this before when I came down to see Wes and the guys with Daley) and Wes starts breaking down the lyrics.

Saw this girl

Made my whole head twirl

Looks like a movie star

For her fame can't be far

But yo here's the deal

No matter how I feel

She's out my league

Let me break down to you

Why I feel like a fool

If I would go shopping with her

She'd take one quick look at me I swear

and then she'd just turn straight to the high heels!

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