That was the most remarkable Art class for me. After what he said, all of them ooh'ed and looked at me. Take note, my hyungs whistled and I am just there blushing so hard. But despite of those teasing, I am very happy because he said it to everyone in our class without hesitation. At least, they already know that he is already mine.

"Yah, you are spacing out again." He called out which made me snap back into reality again.

I look at him and he is pouting right in front of my face. I need to control myself. He is just too cute! 

We are here at a restaurant near the university. He said that we should date and I didn't complain. Why should I say no? He asked me first and that was the first one that he invited me into a date. Yes, I call this a date. Got any problem? 

"Oh, I'm so sorry. I just- I just can't get over what happened recently." I said with a sly smile.

He chuckled, "Oh, that one. It wasn't my intention. It just came from my mouth. Maybe I am really in love with you that's why I said it."

God, please help me... this kid never fails to make me blush this hard... This kid is full of cheesiness!

"You are really full of cheesiness. God, why?" I cracked up as I ask him that question.

Our dinner date was great. Full of laughter, sweetness, teasing, and never ending talks that we had. We talked about how our days went and I'm telling you. It went really, really well. This is one of my remarkable days. We just finished our meal and we're off. I drove him back to his dorm, of course.

Boyfriend duties.

"Good evening, Mrs. Kang." I greeted as I saw her at her desk.

A wide smile immediately appeared on her face, "Oh! Mr. Kim! It's nice to see you again."

She walked to us and excitedly looked at us.

"Yes, Mrs. Kang. That's why I decided to bring Jungkook back to his dorm so that I can see you."

"How sweet of you. I noticed that both of you are getting closer day by day."

With that statement, I look at Jungkook and he is already looking at me. We shared a knowing look. Maybe it is time to tell Mrs. Kang the truth, too. She's like Jungkook's mother so what's the point of hiding our relationship to her right? It's better to tell her than let her found out by herself.

"Hm.. Am I missing something?" She interrupted.

I chuckled, "Well yes, you are missing something big Mrs. Kang."

She just raised her brows.

"Jungkook and I are already a couple." I announced without hesitation.

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