Minewt | What the Shuck is Wrong With You?

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This takes place before Newt climbed up the walls, so he is still a runner

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"Come on, wake up.", Newt said while shaking Minho.

"I don't want to run today." Minho groaned, rolling over to face away from Newt. "Ably wouldn't be to pleased if we just slept all day."

Finally, after lots of protesting Minho finally woke up and they got ready for the day, then went out to the Maze.

Both of them ran until they spotted a place to sit and eat. Newt leaned his back against the Maze wall, exhausted.

"So, section seven was opened today. Section one will open tomorrow.", Minho rambled on about the sections.

Newt found himself not listening to him, but staring at him as he spoke. "Is that ok with you?",Minho suddenly asked.

"Uhhh wh-what?,Newt asked, blushing, he didn't even know what Minho was talking about.

"I was asking if it was ok if we continued our run." "Oh err- yeah.", newt said while standing up.

"What the shuck is wrong with you?" The sassy Asian asked, giving Newt a weird look. He blushed and said, "nothing I'm just sorta tired."

Minho just shrugged and they left their hideout, continuing their run. Newt half wished Minho was memorizing the patterns they were running, because all Newt could think about was Minho.

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This was written by my friend, Megan, I'm posting it partly because I'm in the middle of reading the book and I don't want to write a story about it when I haven't read the book and partly because she doesn't have a wattpad but I thought people should read this. Also I asked her to write a story about anything (of coarse she would pick a fandom, maze runner non the less) because I wanted to see her writing style, I'm proud of her because this is her first ever story/one-shot/fanfic/imagine (what ever you want to call it). So I hope you all enjoyed it, I thought it was very well written.
Until later, Adieu


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