chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Monday october 26th 2015

School, such a horrible place. But hey at least I could actually talk to jordan now. I have had the best weekend ever. I didn't see Jordan Sunday but I did text her. I was walking to math now actually and I had that class with the boys and jordan. I walked in and jordan was reading with her glasses on in the corner and the boys were on the other side of the room in the back. Hmm this is a hard decision. I could go to jordan and stare at here or have some boy time. I looked at them back and fourth eventually picking the boys because jordan seems very into her book. "Yoo" Austin said as I sat down and put my feet on the desk "so what's new?" I asked them "um you and jordan" james said "we are just friends" i said and then the teacher walked in.
It was almost the end of the day and I haven't really had a chance to talk to Jordan. Either someone one bothered me, or I just didnt have a class with her. Now it lunch and then free period and I go home. I was bound to talk to her now. I ran to the lunch room in search for her, dissapointment crossed my features when I couldn't find her. If I was jordan where would I be..I thought for a second before walking to library. I walked in immediately being hushed by the librarian. I didn't even say anything. I went all the way to the back and found her at a table eating a nutri grain bar. "Jordan" I whispered she looked up and smiled at me "hey" she whispered. She sounded sick "are you alright?" I asked her she nodded "I'm fine" she said I pulled up a chair next to her "are you sick?" I asked her "no, I'm just not feeling that well, I'll be fine tomorrow" she said I nodded. "Well I'm just gonna stay with you here and walk you home" I said putting my feet on the table "no, no it's okay, you have friends and people who wanna talk to you. I'll see you on the bus" she said "I haven't talked to you all day jordan. I want to see you" I said "no its okay Cameron honestly, you have a life and I know you don't wanna sit here with me and read" she said I sighed and stood up "okay" I said "I'll see you later" I walked away but didn't forget to throw that money she gave me on the table. I heard her call my name but I kept on walking with a smirk on my face.

We just made it off of the bus and I was walking Jordan home and we were talking about the most random things "do you like bananas?" I shook my head "strawberries?" She went "they're alright" I said "do you like apples" I asked her she scrunched up her face "no" she said "what about caramel" I asked "oh no" she said "pineapples?" Her eyes glowed "I love pineapples" she said

You know what that means

we were outside her house now "I'll text you" she said walking to her door "you better" I said walking to my house. My mood is totally ruined now. I walked in my house and was greeted by the smell of alcohol cigarettes and weed. I went in the kitchen and they're was a lot of people here, including my step dad. Usually, Everybody hates their step dad, but my hate for this guy was strong and deep. I went to my room unlocking my door. It looked the same. I closed my door again and went into Lina's room. She was playing with a doll. I picked her up from the floor and grabbed the doll. I always take her to my room at night when Tina has parties which is like everyday. I walked down the hall way but I weird looking old man came out of the bathroom "ooo what do we have here? That little girl is sexy how much is she?" He asked taking out his wallet. I felt my heart beat quicken. I pulled the plastic doll up and beat him upside the head with it. He fell unconscious and I walked to my room. I sat Lina down "sorry you had to see that" I said she shrugged and laid down on my bed "don't get to comfortable, you still need a bath." I said looking in my dresser and finding one of her pajama sets. I went into my bath room and ran some water. I walked out making sure my bed room door was locked.  I grabbed a hair tie from my desk "this isn't gonna be the best looking pony tail" I said putting her hair up. I looked at it and shrugged, whatever. "Let's go" I said picking up her up. I got her in the tub and out in about 45 minutes. She was now asleep in my bed while I was getting out the shower. I quickly got dressed and picked up my phone. I had a text from Jordan. She sent it at 11, I looked at the clock and it was around 12. I texted her back anyways.
C- are you sleeping?
I texted her and about five minutes later I got a text back
J-im just thinking
C-its dangerous to think so hard by yourself
J- idk, I'm just bored I guess. I can't sleep and I don't feel like eating
C-lol, well im always here if you need to vent
J- thanks cameron. But why are you up so late. This is a school night
C- needed to think
J- "its dangerous to think so hard by yourself"
I chuckled to myself
C- well dr. Phill, I just couldn't go to sleep
J- count sheep
J- just kidding, don't do that
J- just talk to me and bam, you're asleep
C- just like that huh?
J- just like that
C-im not feeling the least bit of tired though
C- I'm not sure if this is working Jordan
J- Gosh darn it
J- but hey what can I say.
C- you are cockier than both austin and I combined
J- Oo that's a lot!!
J- hey Cameron?
C- yes?
J- Thank you.
C-for what?
I didn't get a text back but I texted her again and then I attempted to go to sleep
C-goodnight Jordan

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