A Package Deal

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Zelda could hardly contain her excitement for their next time on the hotlines

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Zelda could hardly contain her excitement for their next time on the hotlines. When she walked into the second-floor room and saw Professor Weymouth at the desk, she wondered if she would actually get a chance to grant a wish. His face lit up with a conspiratorial smirk as she entered, and her stomach pitched with the suspicion she would see Leo again. "Take your seats. Take your seats," he said.

    Zelda took the same seat in the back of the classroom, but with a glance at the landline, a thought struck her. Would Leo even call? Professor Weymouth had pulled her back mid-sentence the last time. She tried to remind herself he really was clairvoyant and Leo was likely desperate to have his wish granted.

    Professor Weymouth took his seat at the switchboards and began assigning calls to the eager group of soon-to-be-godmothers. Zelda had to wait a long while again, though she wasn't sure how the professor knew which caller was Leo. It had never occurred to Zelda that Professor Weymouth possessed any magical powers. He had never hinted at them in his lectures. Perhaps clairvoyance was the only preternatural ability he possessed, and from what Zelda knew of the gift, it seemed more like a curse than a blessing.

    As before, the last fairy disappeared from her seat and returned before the professor passed Zelda a call. He gave her a nod and her phone rang through the empty room.

    She picked up on the second ring.


    "So it's you again?" A familiar voice crackled to life on the other end.

    "Fairy Godmother at your service," she said, a smile creeping across her cheeks without meaning to.

    The prince laughed.

    "I'll be right there," she added. She looked briefly out the window, the castle's towers looming above the skyline. Her destination seemed so close and yet it was a world away.

    "Wonderful," the prince replied.

    Zelda pressed the red button and the classroom faded to black. When her vision came to she saw the same oriental rug as before, but now a pair of cognac colored loafers mirrored her saddle shoes. She wobbled a bit but held herself upright.

    "Are you all right?" Leo asked, holding out an arm, ready to catch her if necessary. He left his hand to hover politely inches from her waist.

    "Traveling was much better that time," Zelda said, taking a few steps to make sure her legs worked. She looked around and found they were again in the prince's bedroom. His unmade bed sat against one wall, and a tray of steaming tea occupied the space between the two seats they had occupied on her last visit.

    "I'm sorry, your highness. I should have asked your permission before intruding on you." Zelda said, remembering her manners. She would have to look up etiquette for godmothers serving royalty when she got back to Madame LeBleu's.

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