where'd she go?? ch.17

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Sam's P.O.V

I don't know were she could be, it's been hours since I saw her. I got let out the bathroom and started searching the house for her. I don't know how she could slip out I had the guards on look out none of them have saw her. I'm on my last room of the mansion which to be honest I should have gone to first. The Kitchen. To be honest its were she send me every 5 minuets so I should have checked there first. Maybe T.T or T.P or what not could track her for me. I walk in to the kitchen to see everyone looking distressed the was a note on the table.

"Guys, whats going on?" There looks were starting to get me worried. I almost didn't spot my dad standing next to Taylor and Rosie's dad.

"Son we have some bad news." I looked at him worried whats the matter with rose that was the first thing that ran through my head.

"Rosie's been missing for hours now, we just found a letter attached to a knocked out guard, and T.T just turned her tracker on for us we had one of our boys chase it. It turns out it was attached to a rabbit. We don't know were she is. Except that her captive want a ransom." He continued to speak.

"Hang on a second whats the ransom?" It was Jenna who spoke up first.

"He wants half our territory and a billion dollars for her to come back unharmed." I nodded I was about to speak but Jenna got there before me.

"Do we know his first name?" She looked suspicious. My dad nodded,

"He wrote his name down as downer." Her eyes went wide.

"GOD, why didn't we see this coming. Girls get the bikes and gear were going on a road trip. Boys mind the kids or send them to my parents. Girls 3 minuets starts KNOW?"  The next thing you see is Charlotte and Becci dash to a closet near T.T.

"T.T we need the gear give us it now we know your hiding it." They looked pissed.

"I can't do that girls." Becci smirks, Becci being the quiet one that looked scary.

"T.T if you don't want a sledge hammer brought down on your pretty arse screen I suggest you give us the gear now," Everyone let out a gasp, all but Charlotte or Jenna. "I might come across as angel but I'm the opposite guys. I was the one that got the girls arrested one time, for flirting with a officer. Jenna you now me I love a man in uniform." The girls smirked at her and laughed with her as the got the newly appeared gear out on the kitchen counter. Spread out Jenna got a checklist out and three black Nike duffel bags. Jenna spoke and the girls placed things in the bags.

"Pepper spray, ropes, pocket knife, water, oil, lighters, deodorant, ninja masks, and cookies for Rosy. That's it lets get going." The girls were changed into black and green biker clothing. They had the logo of a storm cloud with 'Thunders gonna get ya' in bright green.

"Lets get the Ninga's out." the boys looked confused were as mine and Rosie's parent looked amused.

"Guys you really didn't think Rosie was the only one with a bike. We all ride Rosie's just the captain in the crew." And with that we all headed out side baby's in tow. The girls turn to us and said.

"Be prepared because our bikes are more expensive than you cars put together. Oh and if you are wondering about the rest of them, we do a bit of street racing on the side when we were younger, but right now we just fix up some cars for people." the garage door opened along there must have been another joining mansion just for the 25 cars they were fixing. Jenna, Charlotte and Becci went and stood by the 3 or 9 bikes that were in the garage as well all the same colour and make.

"Ours are all bright green and black were as Rosie's is just all black. Taylor watch it your going to touch my baby I willbrake your fingers before you think of it." Jenna said dragging him away from the bike.

"Right see you guys when we get Rosie back." Becci said hoping on her bike and pulling on a helmet. "See you guys at the finish line." With that she rolled out the garage to wait for the girls.

"Not if I get there first you won't." Charlotte pushed her bike out of the garage.

"Guess that means I have to pick them up when they fall off." She sighed walking out into the dark evening.

"What do you mean pick them up when they fall off?" I finally got words through my mouth. She smiled at me evilly.

"Watch us take off." and with that we turned to watch them leave on there Ninja's.

"Ready Girls, Becci head of north meat you at point 2 in 6 hours got it," Becci nodded through the helmet and sped of pulling a wheelie in the making. I watched Dinex wince at it. "Charlotte you head west and up to point 3 in three hours i'll join up with you and then we go get Becci got it? Lets head out." With that Charlotte headed out just as fast Beccidoing the same thing but doing a 360 spin in the process.

"Such children should have been tort a lesson years ago." With a quick nod at us she jumped on the bike and sped off faster than the other two did in the first place leaving us behind in the dust. The only thing I hope for is they get Rosie in time before the ransom is needed.


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