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      I OPENED MY eyes, groaning at my back pain. I raised up, looking around the room. My heart beat quicken at any sight of James. I raised of the bed, looking around any weapon that I could find. "Sleepy beauty finally awakes." A voice said from behind me. I turned to look at James.

"You are an ass." I sighed. James rolled his eyes, walking closer to were I was standing.

"Why? Because I scared you?" He asked with a smug smile.

"Yes," I told him with a small smile of my own. He chuckled, going through a closet. "Where are we?" I asked him.

"Not a HYDRA base." He sarcastly said, pulling out a shirt. He passed it to me. "I guess you will like to change into something that isn't covered in dust or blood." He explained. I took it, nodding.

"Blood?" I asked him. He motioned me to follow him to the bathroom, which I did. I stood in front of the mirror with him behind me confused. He pushed my hair back, enough so you could see a stitched bloody gash. He draw his hand back, looking at me from the mirror. "I'm guessing some depris fell on me."

"It wasn't too serious. It would be healed in a couple of weeks." James explained to me.

"How long was I out?" I asked him.

"Just a couple of hours." James answered. I sighed, looking at him. "I took you out of the HQ,"

"What about my dad?" I asked him.

"He escaped." He told me. I laughed, rolling my eyes.

"Ofcourse he did. It doesn't surprise me." I told him.

"However, it doesn't mean I haven't kept an eye on the base." James said. I looked at him with a small smile.

"You hacked into their system." I mumbled. James nodded, shrugging as if it was nothing. "You seemed good with the computers."

"Not as good as you though." James told me. "I would be outside, if you need me. Breakfast is in the table." He informed me.

"Thank you," I told him. James just send me another smile, and was about to walk out of the room when I stopped him. "James, you didn't had to pull me out; but still you did it." I told him. "Why?" I asked him.

"There isn't that much people I trust, so I wasn't going to leave that one that I did trust behind. Plus, you should never leave your partner behind." James explained. I smirked at him.

"So, now I'm your partner?" I asked him, knowing that it would annoy him if I teased him about it. James rolled his eyes, walking out of the room. I raised my shirt over my head, seeing myself in the mirror. I looked at the shower with a change of plans.


I walked out of the bathroom, and into the room. I opened the door, noticing James sitting on the couch with a stern look. I walked to the table talking a donut for myself. "What's wrong?" I asked, taking a seat next to him. He didn't reply. Instead, he passed me the computer. I looked at it, coffused. "I don't know, why you are so upsate about." I told him. He pressed a bottom, showing me an elder agent talking to Fitzsimmons.

"You have to tell me where she is. She is a threat." The elder agent said to them. Fitzsimmons looked at each other blankly. "She is working with the enemy. She isn't what she says she is." He added. "She is working with the Winter Soldier, a HYDRA agent. She can manipulate you as much as she has with Steve Rogers. Getting closer to him so she could stabb him in the back like a good HYDRA agent."

"With all do replect sir, she isn't." Fitz said to him. "We don't know where she is." He continued. The agent nodded, looking at Morse who stood next to him.

"Well, then this is pointless." He finally said, walking away. James paused the video after that.

"I gave you really bad publicity didn't I?" James joked, trying to lighten the mood. I let out a soft laugh, looking at him.

"They just don't the real you." I told them. He looked at me curious.

"And you know the real me?" He asked. I looked at with a small smile.

"Well, I do know for sure that you haves really good side. People are just too blind to see it." I confessed. It was the truth: James had a heart and people couldn't see it. I jumped when I felt a phone ring. I looked at my phone. "Hello?" I asked.

"Glad to hear you are alive and well." My dad said from the other end of the line. "I'm actually surprised you got a private line with Hunter. I'm guessing this is how you kept in contact when you weren't found in the HQ." He said. I cringed at the mentioning of the private line. James looked at me confused. I covered the microphone, and leant towards James.

"He found about the private line that I share with Hunter." I told James. James just chuckled, shaking his head.

"Is that a chuckled? Who are you with?" My dad asked.

"I'm with James. He pulled out after some debris fell on me." I explained.

"Is it something lethal?" I heard a worried Hunter ask. I guessed I was on speaker.

"Am I on speaker?" I asked curious.

"Yes, you are love. You didn't answer my question." Hunter replied. I couldn't avoid the smile creeping up.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Nothing lethal. How did you find my dad?" I asked him.

"He called me. Where do we need to pick you up?" Hunter asked, starting the engine of a quiz jet.

"How the hell did you find a quinjet?" I asked him confused.

"Rented it, where is your location?" He asked me.

"I don't know." I told him. "I will pass you James." I told him, handling the phone to James. James nodded, listening to Hunter. James stood up from his chair, walking around the room. He mumbled a few words to Hunter, and hung up. I saw the distressed face he had on. I stood up, narrowing the distance between us. "What's wrong?" I asked him.

"I don't like your dad's idea." He told me, moving towards the computer. He started to pack his things. "I don't like it, I hate it." He mumbled.

"What's the idea about?" I asked him. He took a backpack, passing it to me.

"It involves your stupid ex." He said, clenching his fist. "I will let your dad explain it to you." He finally said, walking to the bedroom. He took out his shirt, and looked out for another one. I let my eyes travel his body. He turned around to look at me with a small smirk. "What are you looking at?" He asked. This just caused me to roll my eyes. I felt my cheeks heat up due to embarrassment.

"You are an ass." I told him, turning around towards the kitchen. I heard him chuckle, while I picked up some food for the trip.

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