3.- Friendship

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Luke got closer to Obi-Wan.
"You told me Darth Vader betrayed and killed my father!"
Anakin stood where they were before, without getting closer to his old master.
The good person your father was dissapeared when he turned into the dark side. So, in a certain point of view, I told you the truth.
"A certain point of view!" Luke reppeated. "Anyway, there's a friend that knew you, Obi-Wan"
Really?, the old Master said, Who is it?
Luke went to where Anakin was and grabbed him.
"This is Hayden Starkiller." Luke said to Obi-Wan.
Obi-Wan smirked a smile.
So... Hayden...it's been a while since the last time I saw you...
Anakin smirked a smile.
"Yeah, Obi-Wan, it's been a while... could you please tell me what happened to... her?"
Obi-Wan sighed.
She lost her will to live because of your... change. An... Hayden, she loved you. Until the end. But she loved who you were...
"Who in hell are you talking about?" Luke asked, confused.
Anakin turned to his son.
"It's a long story, Luke, but someday I'll tell you" then he turned to his old master "Obi-Wan, how can I change... back?"
You already have, my friend.
"And... how can I come back? And how can I help her?"
My young friend, you'll come back when you learn everything you have to. And you don't need to save her. She was strong enough to go through everything... except your change.
Anakin nodded.
"Thank you, Master. For everything"
May the Force be with you both, young ones, Obi-Wan smiled. And, Luke... remember that everything can be changed.
"I will remember, Ben" Luke said "I promise"


Anakin and Luke flew until they reached a enormous starship.
When they finally landed, Anakin followed his son through the hallways until Luke entered in a room. Anakin heard someone ask something.
"I'll go with you" Luke said. Anakin didn't understand what was happening. Luke turned to him "What about you, Hayden? Are you coming with us?"
"Where are we going?" Anakin asked.
"We are going to Endor. Our mission there will be desconect the shield that protects the Death Star" Luke explained.
Anakin nodded.
"Count me in"
They both said hello to Han, Chewie, Lando and Leia.
So this is my daughter, Anakin thought. She was just like her mother.
"Luke!" Leia smiled "Hayden!"
They both hugged the girl.
Anakin could still not believe he was hugging his daughter. It was amazing.

That night, before going to Endor, Anakin had dreams.
He heard the horrid voice of Palpatine.
So you found a way to come, young Skywalker. You should see how powerful you've becomed. Powerful and skilled.
Anakin tried not to listen. The only thing he had in mind was staying with his son and daughter.
He woke up, all covered in sweat.
Damn, I hate nightmares.
He stood up and called Obi-Wan.
Obi-Wan, please. I need to talk to you.
Then he heard his old master's voice in his head.
"Anakin, I don't need to read your mind to know something is troubling you." Obi-Wan said.

You're right, Master. Something is troubling me. It's about... what happened in Mustafar. Could you please tell me?

"You chocked Padmé and almost killed her. You made me fight you and you got burned up. Then I took Padmé to the Med Center and before she died she gave birth to Luke and Leia"

But... Palpatine told me I could save her, Anakin confessed.

"He made you believe you killed her and your baby. That's why you, well Vader, didn't know who Luke and Leia were until now"

Thank you Master. You told me everything I needed to know.

Yes. Anakin knew what he had to do. He was going to help Luke, no matter what.
He saw Luke just like he was a few minutes ago.
"You okay, Luke?" He asked.
Luke turned to look at him.
"Yeah, I'm fine"
"You don't look fine. Something troubling you?"
Luke sighed.
"Yoda told me that I won't become a Jedi if I dom't confront Vader. But he's my father!"
Anakin sat next to him.
"You don't need to fight him, Luke. "
"I don't want to fight him. I know there's still good in him"
Anakin smiled.
"I think the same. You don't have to give up. He needs you"
"You think?"
"I know. And if you don't mind... I would love to go with you" he told his son.
Luke nodded and smiled weakly.
"Thanks, Hayden. It's going to be dangerous..."
Anaki laughed.
"We're Jedi. Danger doesn't stop us."
Luke laughed as well.
"You're right. I'm glad that you come with me. We can make my father turn back to the good side. I know we can"
"I know it too, Luke. We are going to make it"

Hey guys!! I know I've changed a few dialogs. The answer is kinda simple: Anakin changes everything, including dialogs ;) well, you know what I mean. Anyway, hope you liked this chapter!!!
May the Force be with you all,

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