It All Started At A Party

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Tonight was the night. Heather Heaton was throwing her annual pool party bash and even though she was a slut and didn't personally invite me and Sarah, we knew we could come anyway because of the person we are all connected to.

Carter King.

Carter and I have been friends since elementary school. Our teachers just kept pushing us to be partners in classes so we often joked that it was destined for us to be best friends. Let's not forget the fact that we are alike in many ways. We just have a certain understanding to each other that others don't understand. Growing up with him as my best friend got kinda weird to my mom as I got older so that's how I found Sarah in 5th grade. She automatically became my friend in a game of tag one day in recess when we were the only ones who couldn't get tagged  and we laughed at the other kids because they weren't as fast as us. Sarah, Carter and I were the fastest fifth and 6th graders and even won some irrelevant awards for that. We all grew up together but now that Sarah and I are in 11th grade and Carter is in 12th grade we seemed to be kind of growing apart. Well actually only Carter and I have. Normally he and I would be closer then me and Sarah are, but lately he's been with his girlfriend heather so much, that he hasn't even been giving me the time of day, well at least he had time to invite us to her party, I planned to confront him there and see what the hell his problem was.



A round of applause and screams of joy erupted from our side of the bleachers. The atmosphere on our side of the chilly field was congratulatory because Carter King made a touchdown and we went crazy including Sarah and I who jumped to our feet once his name was announced. I always wore his jersey number to support him but tonight I wasn't alone on his support level. Even though other girls and Carters supporters wrote signs with his name on it and so forth, it really bothered me that Carters girlfriend heather, was wearing his number as well.

"Ugh that bitch makes my skin boil." I growled to Sarah while glaring at heather standing with the cheerleading team. They were cheering for Carter as the game ended. The other team scurried away from the field scowling in defeat while our team, the jets happily made their way over to our side of the bleachers. Everyone cheered and applauded while I watched under the night sky as Carter smiles and made his way over to heather. I watched as he gave her a sexy smile and scooped her into his big arms. She laughed as they whispered to each other and hugged for forever it seemed like.

"Hey Lexi you coming?" I turned sideways to see everyone leaving the bleachers. What's the destination you ask?
Heathers house of course.
It was Cody Abrims who called my name. He was another hot  football player who was another one of Carters friends on the team. Cody and I would flirt every now and then but nothing serious.

"Yeah I'm coming." I smiled as I walked over to him and let him take my hand. Sarah who was standing next to me was walking with our group of friends and another boy from the football team. Gosh I guess tonight was our lucky night with the boys. Sarah sent  a knowing wink at me when she saw me holding hands with Cody so I sent one back.

We all headed to the parking lot where everyone went to their cars. Fussing about how rad Heathers party would be.
"You driving with me sexy Lexi?" I looked up and giggled at Cody who was smirking down at me.
"Is that my new name? Because I kind of like it." I giggled liking my new nickname he gave me.

"Yeah," he chuckled while opening the passenger side door for me. "even though I didn't make it up."

My eye brows furrowed in confusion as I thought of who would come up with such a thing. My attention was soon snatched away by giggles and loud guys talking. It was Carter with heather at his side and a few football buddies of his.

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