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author's note: here it is, the second chapter of Soft Serve. this story is really taking off so far in plot (this chapter won't be a filler chapter like the second chapter of its spin-off). i personally enjoy this one more than i do for Polka Dots because it's more laid back since I'm not focusing it around things i don't understand like venture capitalism and working in magazines. these characters are - more or less - simplistic, Iva working as an intern and Liam a model.

also, i apologize in advance if this chapter seems rushed. it's just that i had a lot of stuff to cover and only a short weekend to write it so i could put school first (the original goal in mind, to be honest). updates will be sporadic, likely taking one to two weeks to complete because of their short length, but if issues arise in writing and planning, i may have to extend this story or take more time off to write and i update on weekdays mainly.

bear in mind, this story, like its predecessor, will have some things that are quite improbable or at least unlikely. that's how fiction works - coincidence and wish-fulfillment. those elements practically amalgamate this story.

thank you for reading

xx tay


P A R T T W O :


Eventually, the magic that you create fades. Mine did the second I didn't force myself to go to that party with Liam and he climbed over the balcony and out of my life as easily as he did coming in. It was tragic, really, but I wasn't too effected. I learned to fall into step and start walking again long ago, so this misstep was hardly enough to make me trip.

Of course, I did trip about a month later. I tripped over an obstructive cable lying in the center of the floor, almost dropping the coffees that I had to run down the block to fetch. But I caught myself, not planning on being embarrassed the first week I had started working.

In the past month since I had seen Liam Way, Martin ventured outside of his hideaway apartment, stopping outside my door to tell me that Liam had a hookup for me. I was scared that he meant Liam sent Martin for me as a male escort, but I was reassured when he told me that it was a job opening at Dice Way, his brother's firm. At first I thought he meant at Trendlies where he oversaw business there as a shareholder, but when I heard him say that it was at the Way Tower, I couldn't resist.

Hell, I wouldn't have resisted even if it were Trendlies.

But it wasn't exactly the stellar deal I was looking for. I had found that out the day of my interview when he greeted me with a smile and a kind "Iva, how are you?"

I knew then that Liam had told him about me. He had sat me down for about thirty minutes, the first twenty of them consisting of me trying to explain what happened with his brother and I without making him send me out while in the other ten, he explained what I had to do in order to not get fired.

A venture capital firm is a group of investors who gain income from wealthy people who want to grow their wealth. They take this money and use it to invest in more risky businesses than a traditional bank is willing to take on.

He usually spends his time answering emails, doing research on potential clients, and meeting with startups, making for a boring day but he was paying good because while he didn't support his brother's rebellions, he was glad he found a friend besides Martin to get him through them.

And so that's how I got a job. Mainly I just shadow him, day in and day out, picking up on what he's doing, trying to understand the important papers he's filling out, but he tended to go easy on me asks me to get him coffee when I'm having trouble and he'd rather not have my fretful presence become an interruption. But thankfully, I had figured out Microsoft Excel enough not to pass out on the first day.

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