"Margaret is my grandmother and don't think for a second I didn't know what you two were saying about me." She glares at Bryan.

"Your grandma had crabs?" I ask, thinking out loud.

"Yes, it's was running through the nursing home she stayed at. We of course got her out of there. You however, should be ashamed of yourself. What about confidentiality?" She asks Bryan, irate.

"I'm so sorry. You're right, it was careless of me. I apologize to you and your grandma." He says, looking genuinely ashamed.

"I knew I had good taste." I say, quietly smirking.

Paxton laughs. "Why don't we all go to lunch. Bryan you can pay for Stacey as part of your apology."

"I'm starving, let's go." I grab Stacey by the arm and pull her to the doors. I don't want to give her a chance to refuse. "Thanks for coming along. I don't want to be left with just those boys." I lie.

"Sure, no problem." She responds and starts to walk on her own without me pulling her.

"Bryan why don't you take Stacey and I'll take Adelaide. I need to talk to her privately." He explains. What did I do? I slide in the car as he holds the door open. When he gets in and starts the car I'm looking at him with nervously.

"Relax baby, I just wanted to push them together." He says, chuckling.

"Oh, you scared me." I reply, letting out the breath, I didn't realize I was holding. "You know, I really like you. You devious man. They're cute together don't you think?"

He shrugs, "I couldn't careless, I just want him away from you." He states. "So, you really like me?" He asks.
I stick out my tounge. "So, what did you think of cousin Britney? She's a gem isn't she?"

"I was going to mention that she seems really sweet and innocent. A breath of fresh air." He holds back a smile. I laugh as we park at Roussos, an Italian food restaurant.

I see Bryan and Stacey are standing beside the car, both looking bored. Crap what happened?

I look to Bryan quickly and question him with my eyes. He shrugs and smirks. We walk into the restaurant getting seated immediately.

I'm the first to break the silence, "So, Stacey where are you from?"

"Ferndale." She replies.

"That's a pretty town." I comment.

She smiles and I look at Paxton who is looking at his phone. So, I grab it and shut it off. Bryan chuckles and Paxton glares at him. "I really have to respond to that email."

"That's fine, but not at the table." I order, handing him the phone back and shooing him away.

He shakes his head and puts it back in his suit pocket. "Ah, honey don't pout." I tease, in a sad voice poking his cheek. He grabs my hand kissing my fingers and smiles.

The waiter comes and he stands by me, "Can I get you anything to drink?"

"I'll have a coke, please." I answer and he walks away. I look at his back confused. Bryan starts laughing hysterically.

"Did he take your orders already?" Wondering how I didn't notice him taking everyone's order.

"No." Paxton answers, irritated with Bryan and the waiter. Bryan stares at me smiling widely.

"What, Bryan?" I demand.

"It's funny that's all." He replies.

"That he forgot to take your order? It must be his first day. Don't be mean to him, Paxton." I warn.

Bryan scoffs and Stacey giggles. "Babe, it's not his first day." Paxton says, as the waiter brings my soda to the table.

"Thank you." I say, smiling. I'm about to say that he forgot to take their orders when Paxton beats me to it.

"Stop staring at her and do your job."

"I'm sorry sir. I didn't even see you guys." He apologizes, his face red with embarrassment.

"That's because your eyes haven't left her." He accuses.

"Paxton, leave it alone and order." I whisper.

He orders and so does the rest of the table. Paxton isn't happy, when I think about it he's kinda having a shitty day. I put my hands on his thigh and squeeze. He grabs my hand bringing it further up his leg. I turn red. He leans over and puts lips on my neck nibbling lightly and breathing into my ear. "I want you." He states, huskily.

The waiter comes back to take our food order. I order chicken Alfredo and Paxton orders chicken parmesan. I can't sit still the entire meal, all I want to do is take Paxton home. This day couldn't get any worse.

Then I hear, "We have to get going. We have to go pick out a wedding cake." I was wrong, this day just got worse.

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