Chapter Two - The Deal

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Three things happened in that moment; My mom rolled around uselessly on the floor as she tried to get back up, Oliver went flying over the back of my couch with an unnaturally girlish scream and my dad raced in wielding a fire extinguisher and a crazed look in his eyes.

"What the hell?" I cried out as my dad pointed the nozzel directly at my face, "Get that away from me!" I smacked at it until he moved it away.

"Sorry honey, I thought you were on fire." He explained calmly, placing it down onto the floor, "Come here." He opened his arms wide for a hug.

"You have got to be kidding me." I groaned as he pulled me in and squeezed me tightly. My mom had finally pulled herself to her feet and joined the family embrace, squishing my face between her boobs and my dads hard chest.

"Can't. Breathe." I managed to huff out. They both stepped back and released me, my lungs sang with relief as I took in a deep breath.

"Thank god you're okay." My mum said, placing her hands on my shoulders as she looked me over.

"Of course I'm okay," I gave her a confused look, "Why wouldn't I be?"

She stared back at me, dumbfounded. "Juliet all I heard was a fire alarm and then you cut me off, forgive me for jumping to the worst conclusion but that comes with being a mother."

I had to admit I felt a little bad that I had worried her, but their reactions were always over the top, especially my dad, the fire extinguisher wasn't even that bad compared to some of his other reactions when I've been in some kind of trouble, he once puréed every single one of my meals when I had my wisdom teeth out a few years back. Which would have been fine for the first few days but when I was back to normal and I could eat he still insisted on putting all my food in the blender just to be safe.

"The fire alarm went off like two hours ago, it took you that long to race to my rescue?" I accused instead.

Both my mom and dad looked at each other and then back at me, a sheepish grin on both their lips.

"Okay, well as you can see, I'm fine." I assured them with a sigh, opening my arms and gesturing at myself. "See?"

But I didn't get an answer because Oliver chose that moment to stand up from behind the couch and smile guiltily at my parents.

The sweatpants were still around his knees.

"Did we... Interrupt?" My mom asked, a coy smile playing at her lips.

My dad on the other hand looked a little red in the face, "What did we interrupt?" He asked dangerously.

Oliver glanced down, realizing what he had done and dived to pull them back up to his waist. "Sorry." He apologized.

"Oliver, why don't you go into my room and help yourself to a T-shirt, there's a few baggy ones in the bottom drawer of my dresser." He nodded quickly and darted into my room.

My mom whistled under her breath, "The print on the back doesn't do him justice." She said with admiration.

"Stop looking at his ass." I scolded my mother, but she didn't look away until Oliver had firmly closed the door behind him. "That's sexual harassment mom, don't make me kick you out." I warned her.

She held up her hands, "Okay, okay, no more staring at your boyfriends perfect body."

I felt my face flush, "No, Oliver isn't my boyfriend." I said, shaking my head.

Mom looked a little disappointed, my dad not so much on the other hand but then she brightened, "Well that's great, you can meet the bartender then, I set up a meeting for you next Wednesday at the coffee bar." She reeled off excitedly.

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