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Pen Your Pride

"Thank's for your help dear but now i want to do this for my own" - i told him - "Can you stay near this chair please? I want to walk in this direction exactly where you are".

I started walk with difficult and hurts cover completly my skin. But i must did it for my parents, my husband and finally for me.

Then i didn't knew how i came in front of him and i gave Spencer a huge hugged.

The tears covered his face with emotion and hope. I called my parents too with the moved of my hand and they came to my room. They couldn't believe it, her only daughter walked again a little few steps, i walk a little few steps more for them and i sat down. I'm exhausted for all this 'new experience'.

Reid kissed my hands and squeezed them with gently, then he kissed my ears, my forhead and at last my lips with furioslly.

"Mom, dad" - we said at the same time - "we're gonna marry tomorrow at 17.00 p.m in the hospital and now we call to the Registrar of the Civil Registry to will marring friday".

"Then i will can invite my friends to the FBI" - he said - "This gonna be great and i invited Dr. Kameamura Torigama too. Only if my mother would see us and how happy we're now. I want invite her for my wedding".

"Of course Spencer is your mother you can invite her my dear love". - i said him.

Reid called to his mother at the sanatorium in Los Angeles and talked to her Dr. "Hi Dr. Norman how are you? I need to talk something important with my mom. Can she answer the phone? I would tell her i'm gonna marry tomorrow friday with my fiancée Sophia".

Dr. Norman replied him - "You need to talk to her inmediately ok but you know the schedule to call, i'll be an exception for you now. Wait a moment please".

"Thank's Dr. Norman" - said Reid.

"Hello Spence how are you? What are you calling me now? Are you ok?" - asked Mrs. Reid.

"Hello Mom, yes don't worry i'm ok. I'm calling you cause i need to talk to you something important". - he answered

"What is it?" - she asked again.

"I'm going to marry tomorrow with my fiancée Sophia do you remember her?"

"Yes, i think so she's the daughter of John and Marieh Carter i'm o'right?" - Diana answered.

"Yes Mom, you're o'right".

"I remember her she was a beautiful little child with brunette hair and hazel eyes; she had a sweet voice and charm. She was like an angel. Can i talk to her?"

"Of course Mom i put the phone on loud-speaker" - he said - "My mother wants to talk to you Sophia".

"Hi Sophia, i'm Diana Reid the Spencer's mother do you remember me?"

"Of course Mrs. Reid how are you?" - i answered her.

"Ok, dear i'm glad to hear your voice again, i told Spencer you had a sweet voice, you was a charm and beautiful child and for me you was a kind of angel cause you always worry for others especially to me. I didn't forget that and i always remembered you with gratitude. And i'm really happy like an extraordinary person can marry to my son".

"Thank's Mrs. Reid" - and the tears slow down to my face.

"Don't cry dear and call me Diana please." - Mrs. Reid told me.

"Thank's Mrs. Reid, sorry Diana i really appreciate your words". - i told her.

"Bye dear, i really appreciate talk with you my angel". - Diana said to me.

"Bye Diana". - i said to her.

Reid quit the loud-speaker and he stilled talked to his mother.

"Spencer if you don't marry her and you make suffer, i going to catch you wherever you are and it necesary i'm runaway from the sanatorium ok? and i want to have a lot of baby genius cause i remember she has an eidetic memory too".

"Ok Mom, don't worry about that i love her so much and i never hurt her. And yeah i love to have a lot of kids with her".

"Ok, but that was the same words to said to me your father well don't talk about that. I really appreciate to come to your wedding Why you don't ask to Dr. Norman about that?"

"Ok, Mom i'll try. Bye."

"Bye Spence send my greetings and congratulations to the sweet and kind Sophia and to her parents too. Bye sweetie".

"Hello again Dr. Norman can my Mom come to The Memorial Hospital for my wedding? She said to me before she wants to come"

"No, she can't move over here, she must stay here at the sanatorium. I'm sorry Spencer but i can't do that".

Reid said to him - "Ok, thank's for nothing". - "She can't come here, the staff can't move to here". - he said saddly.

"Don't worry my love" - i said - "we must reccord all with our handycam. She'll so happy and she would see over and over again how many times she wants. Maybe you can ask to Derek Morgan if he would reccord our wedding and then after that, send to your mother like a present to her for our marry".

"Thank's Sophia, you're a very good person and you always think in others like my mom said for this i love you so much my angel".

"Your welcome dear; Spencer please call to the Registrar of the Civil Registry and asked him if he can marry here at 5.00 p.m".

"Ok dear; - Hello can i talk to the Registrar of Civil Registry Mr. Carl Weatherly. Sir my name is Spencer Reid and with my fiancée Sophia Carter we want to marry tomorrow friday but she has an accident for that reason we need to marry here at The Memorial Hospital at 5.00 p.m. You can do that for us?"

"Yes, of course Mr. Reid i know Sophia Carter and her parents too for that reason i can do that for you and especially for your future wife. Then i will be tomorrow at 5.00 p.m. in The Memorial Hospital. Bye, see you tomorrow". - Carl Weatherly said.

"Thank's for all Mr. Weatherly. Bye". - said Spencer - "Now dear we can marry tomorrow at 5.00 pm cause in that hour come the Registrar of the Civil Registry, Carl Weatherly to marry us.

Mr.Weatherly told me he know your parents and you too".

"Yes, my parents make others advanced in neuroscience thank's to his help. He was like a maecena to them at the started and when we can solvent ourselves we rewarded all the money".

"Mmm interesting" - Reid said.

"Yeah, i think the same like you dear husband.

And i'm so happy for our wedding Spencer, i can't wait for tomorrow to be Mrs. Reid. Call your friends to the BAU Spence and tell them the good news about us. If you're gonna invite your dad too?"

"I don't know cause he never talked to me again since he left my mother and me, and that was when i had 10 years old. I hate him for did this to me, a little child who needed him so much but now i don't need him. I'm grew up and became a man who only need one person in his life you. You complete me and thank's to you i never be alone again".

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