Chapter 30

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The morning caught the keep in busy bustle as they all eagerly readied the day for the nights merriment.
Tara and Duncan's Engagement feast.

She woke up that morning feeling the weight of her restless night. None of this was suppose to be happening she frantically went through in her head.

Duncan had already left for the morning. He had gotten up with so much happiness and joy that when he leaned down to kiss her, she had to pretend she was still asleep so he would not see the sadness in her eyes. They simply could not do this.

By the time she had dressed and went below to the great hall, she was taken back by the scene. It was a grand feast they were preparing for and she felt so overwhelmed. She stood from afar and watched Duncan direct where things were going.

On the far side fresh tapers were changed and tables were being moved and realigned. Barrels of Ale were brought in along with wine.

He was organizing everything. Her future. It was too much. She wasn't ready for this. She had a life, a family and a home. In his mind she wasn't going any where.

The final straw was drawn was when Moors appeared before her with a bolt of fabric for her to choose. She was so happy and unaware of the look of pure dread on her face.

She could not make this life altering decision. Not when so much was at stake. The live, their lives depended on Duncan making the right choice and that was to avoid any conflict with Maurdad and marrying his daughter to keep the Waring families at peace.

She looked ardently at the fabric and gently raised her finger to the soft fabric. She felt so overwhelmed and at a loss with what to do. She loved him. But, she could not be with him.
She needed to get back to her time now, whatever it took. If she had to go herself to this Liora the seer she would have to do it quick and fast.
She didn't have much time.


By the time Moira walked away from her she had blindly found her way out of the keep into the courtyard. Her head, muddled with so much she couldn't breathe. She desperately sought somewhere to run and hide but where?

The inquisitive familiar eyes of Aidan found her looking around, distraught and weary. She looked distant and upset.

"Tara what is wrong?" Aidan asked.

Concern grew in his eyes as he noticed her perplexed look.

She began to fidget and pace.
"You have to help me Aidan. I need you to take me to see Liora Tonight!"

"What you ask is impossible Tara. My brother will be very upset."

"Please you have to, I need to go back to my time and my family. I sat around long enough."

"Do you truly think that is wise Tara? Do you believe she can help you?" He tried to sway her.

"She knew that I was coming, maybe she can tell me how I'm suppose to return," she replied anxiously.

She needed to hang on to that idea. That possibility was all she had at the moment.

He sighed heavily. In a battle of his own to help.
Closing his eyes tightly, he looked at her.
"Ok! I will help you"

"During the festivities we will sneak out when the merriment is in full thrall. You will retire for the privy. I will take you to her and have you back before anyone notices you are gone,"

Nodding and agreeing to the plan, she gave a tearful smile. "It will work I'm sure of it Aidan."

"And if it doesn't Tara? What then? Have you not thought of how my brother will feel about this?" He asked.

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