Chapter Eighteen

"i'll be there in a sec." sabi ko kay Nana Bless before putting the phone down. nana bless is dad's secretary. its 3pm already. and i'm in the office. pinapaakyat daw ako ni Daddy. pag akyat ko wala si Nana Bless dun and the door is slightly opened. bubuksan ko na sana yung pinto nung narinig kong magsalita si Papa Alejandro.

"Lance really did a great job making your Daughter fall in love with him."

"yeah. buti nalang at least hindi na tayo nahirapan. mas naging mabilis yung merger. and i like Lance for my daughter." my dad said in replied. para akong naubusan ng lakas..

"but really. kung hindi sila pumayag. kung hindi nagtagumpay si Lance. i can always tell my granddaughter to do it for me." Don Enrico said.

"so this marriage is still about your business!" i said when i opened the door. the three men are shocked.

"No, Honey. let me explain." dad tried touching my arms but i took a step back.

"is it true that this marriage is for that merger?! tell me!" i shouted. my dad nodded slowly. and i think i just swallowed my whole heart.

"Damn you and your businesses! pati kaligayahan ko itataya mo para sa mga negosyo nyo! i even thought. of all people. ikaw! you'd be the last person i'd think that would hurt me. pero anu to? ha dad? pa? Lolo?" tinalikuran ko sila saka tumakbo papunta sa office ni Lance.

"Ma'am! di pa po kayo pwedeng pumasok." i heard elise said but i still opened the door. wala si Lance sa office nya. so i checked out his office bedroom.

this day doesnt get any better

and there they are.

Margarette and Lance. sleeping beside each other.



hugging each other..

napaupo nalang ako sa pinto.

i can see margarette sat at the bed and smirked at me.

"i told you he's mine." i ignored her

"Ma'am okay lang kayo?" i heard elise said but i dont have enough energy to answer her. i'm drained. i sat there for 5 mins without doing anything. then i stood up and wiped my tears.

"Nobody will know this Elise." i went out the door and drove my way home. i packed my things and booked a flight bound to Singapore. and korea.

Nanay Linda was crying when i left. but i couldn't bring myself to comfort her. i was hurting badly then.

when i reached Korea. i booked a flight bound to US. i bumped monique while i was crying and i'm on my way back to my apartment. she hugged me instead of pushing me. she offered me a modelling career after one year of being together. and two years of being away.

i've been great in modelling business. it earned a lot of suitors.

but it was never been the same..

i was never the same..

i've been numb. i've been hurt.

and made a fool.

i've been a stupid girl for the longest time..

a yes girl to every body..

the perfect instrument for their most awaited merger.

for their happiness

at my expense...

No more Sweet Georgina Venice.



actually minadali ko yan. ayan. this ends the flashback chapter. i might update the playgirl's ultimate love later. pag iisipan ko pa and can anybody guess the 2 M's in this chapter. yung nasa title. M&M di ba? what does the two M. stands for? kung sino makakasagot dedic sa kanya next Chapter. ayun. thanks.

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