Chapter FOUR. (1st part)

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A person loves you because your combined souls understand one another,
complements each other, and make
sense above any other person in this


"Hey, Adam," I called my co-worker.

"Yeah?" He answered back while wiping the plates with the dishcloth.

"Does anyone ever used that piano?" I pointed at the piano on the stage inside the restaurant where I work.

"Not that I know of. Why?"

I shrugged. "Nothing."

"I guess Dan hasn't got anyone to play that except his wife, which you know.." Adam added, which awkwardly ended our conversation.

I stared at the piano not too long before I heard Adam snapping at me.

"Oh. Sorry." I said.

"Dan is talking to you, haven't you been listening?" He told me.

I looked at my back to see Dan looking serious. Uh-oh. This could be bad.

"Yes, Dan? Uhm, sorry, I just got too engrossed with the piano." I said carefully.

"It's alright. I was just asking if you play?" He asked gesturing to the piano.

"The piano? Few years ago, yeah. I used to." I replied and tried wiping the counter to keep my eyes down.

"Maybe you can try to play later this evening? I'll pay you." He said, nonchalant.

"Uhm.. I can try.." I said, unsure.

"What's the matter?" He noticed.

"It's that..." I bit my lower lip and sighed. "I only play the songs I heard from my country.. You know.. But there's also some revivals.. Most of it are American songs.. will that do?" I looked at him, as if expecting for him to call it off.

Dan beamed. "That will do. Well, if you can remember, I'm an American." Dan said then winked at me.

I smiled at him as excitement started to build up inside of me.

"Alright. What time should I be here then?" I asked.

"Maybe before Adam ends his shift. At 7 in the evening, is that good?"

"Awesome. I'll be here later." I exclaimed enthusiastically.

Adam gave me a high-five before we went back to work.

I got out from work at 5pm. Just enough time for me to find a suitable dress between my clothes.

I looked at myself at the mirror and saw the old me. A memory resurfaced and tried to pull me back down.

I firmly closed my eyes and tried to put the old me in the deepest part of my mind and pulled a memory when I used to be happy when I was told I could play.

"Okay," I breathed.

I opened my eyes and smiled at my reflection.

Grabbing my purse and my jacket, I locked the house and went to work.

As I was walking towards "Magic Love's Restaurant", someone bumped me.

"Watch where you're going, as*hole!" I shouted at the guy. He just flicked his hand up in salute and walked away. I rolled my eyes and entered the restaurant.

"Wow, Cindy! You look beautiful!"

I smiled at the compliment. "Thanks Dan."

"You're just in time, I just finished cleaning it up. You should see it." Dan added.

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