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Previously called "Advice for the teens"

Hi, everyone that is probably across the whole world from me! This story is just a phone call dialogue between a girl (bold text) and a boy (normal text).

This story is going to be a comedy book, with reality in it. It might trigger some people because of death, cutting, sucide or anything else that can trigger you or anyone else. But it still doesn't mean you have to stop reading it, I will put a warning of a chapter has anything of that sort and I will summarize the important parts in the chapter so you don't miss anything. I care for everyone's well being. With that please everyone be kind and respectful to each other. This is the internet, no one can really bother or get to you unless you let them.

We too young to be dwelling or pushing ourselves down because of someone or something, live life to the fullest! But still be reasonable in what you do.

So with out further ado please read on and enjoy the story!

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