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[Colin's Point Of View]

               "Nice to meet you Nick," I shook his hand. "I didn't know we were going to have a new cabin mate. Welcome!"

               I could feel that Max wasn't so thrilled to have him here but who cares. He seems cool and he's cute as hell. Because everybody in hell is cute, and hot, very hot. It's funny how after I accept that I'm gay, I start noticing how guys are cute. Oh life... you confuse me with your many wonders.

               "Thank you. And your name?"

               "Oh, I'm Colin and this is Max." I pointed at the quiet Max who stood behind me. He just raised his eye brows at him. So rude, I'm gonna beat his ass with a duck later.

               "Nice to meet you and sorry about that. I was meant to arrive at the same day as everyone else but something came up so I had to wait a week." His dimples made him look adorable.

               So he was supposed to be our cabin mate either way. I'm glad that he waited another week to come, otherwise I'd never be with Max. Possibly... But I wouldn't have done all the things I did with him.

               "So you're new to this camp huh? I've never seen you before."

               "Yeah, I'm new."

               "You will like it here. It's a lot of fun. Max and I have been lacking in everything." Because we spend so much time together, though I won't say that out loud. "We're too lazy."

               Nick laughed as he unpacked. His bed was next to mine. "Yeah my sister told me about it. She's been here before and she didn't stop talking about it so I decided to come here on the next summer. Here I am."

               "There you are," I pointed at him. "I see you. Hi."

               Max moved me out of the way so he can go to his bed. I looked at him as he sat on his bed and took out his phone. I'm not stupid. When someone feels awkward they usually take out their phone and pretend to text or something. He's probably mad that we can't be together in our cabin anymore. Unless he wants us to come out and not give a damn.

               Maybe I can get a threesome out of this. Haha, just kidding. No. Hell to the no. As much as I think Nick is cute, I'm not that kind of person. I'm with Max and Max only. That's just wrong. And I love Max so much. Yes, yes, yes I do!

               "Are you okay?" Nick asked me as he noticed that I was twitching to my own thoughts.

               I looked up. "What? Oh! Yeah sorry I was just thinking."

               "Don't hurt yourself."

               "Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny."

               He grinned.

               I turned around to face Max. Poor him, looked more upset than when a chicken crosses the road. The chicken never makes it! I wanted to hug him and kiss him but I guess I can't do that anymore. I won't hate Nick for it. It's not his fault and I hope that Max knows that. Otherwise I'd have to beat him up with a duck and a turkey.