Prologue: Episode 0

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Tokyo's lights are beautiful to see at night. Excluding how noisy it is, it never fails to amaze one male in particular. A young man around the age of eighteen had h/c hair, e/c eyes, who wore a dark colored jacket and pants, while a doctor's mask shielded the lower half of his face. The reason why? Well, he doesn't want to catch a disease in this city, right? Your name was (insert first and last name), and you were that male. You walked along the seemingly endless sidewalk, glancing at stores from time to time as you passed them. At this time of night, "they" usually come out and hunt for their prey. Ghouls. A carnivorous and cannibalistic species which are only able to feed on two beings; humans and other ghouls. These beings are as close to humans as possible; they normally have the same physical appearance and intelligence as a human, but their diet, mentality and inner biology are different. This is life at Tokyo; everyone must survive against these predatorial beasts. You brought your phone in front of your face and skimmed your eyes over the digits which notified you of the current time and were currently occupying the screen.


You were about to check your messages when a high pitched scream pierced the air, seeming to come from a nearby alleyway. Your head turn towards the dark, narrow passage before sighing to yourself. You muttered something quickly and entered the dark alley. As you strolled deeper and deeper into the darkness, two men with the appearance of someone a part of the yakuza made their way into your line of sight. You turned your attention to the woman you noticed a moment afterwards; the damsel in distress who was most likely the source of the scream. You cleared your throat loudly, attempting to gain their attention (Editor's Note: NOTICE ME SENPAI!). Your planned worked; a moment later the two men turned their attention away from the woman to look at you before giving you a smug look."Oi oi! What do ya want kid?" You rolled your eyes and sighed, not even bothering to answer the question one of them had just asked you before asking them a question yourself. "Do you know what time it is? 'They' are going to come here and tear you apart, limb by limb; you may not even have a chance to have a wonderful experience with this pretty lady."This somehow provoked the two yakuzas; instinctively, they grab their pipes. You sighed once more. Baka..., you thought. "Oi. Miss? Do you trust me?"

The lady face went from fear to confusion at your question. You groaned then repeated yourself, except this time using a less-kindly-worded version of the previous question."Would you rather take a chance with these two rapists, or would you rather come with me?" As you spoke, you showed no emotion; your voice, monotone.The lady didn't hesitate to respond.She answered with a quick nod, causing a smirk to pull at the corners of your lips under your mask. Swiftly, you dashed past the two men and pulled the lady into your arms, lifting her in bridal style. The yakuzas tried to swing their pipes at you, but you dodged each swing before making your way out of the alley. After putting a suitable amount of distance between the men and the woman in your arms, you carefully set her on her feet. The lady just stared at you, dumbfounded. As a response, you just gave her an eye smile."You should be more careful at this time at night." You spoke kindly in an attempt to lighten the atmosphere. "You know 'they' like to hunt in dark alleyways like that."The lady just blushed in embarrassment and apologized. You bid her farewell, but before you could take your leave she stopped you."Chotto matte! Um...what's your name?"You didn't turn face her as she spoke. You kept walking, not responding until a moment later."Call me 'Gentleman'." Was the only response you gave her as you continued walking away from her, moving further and further away as you returned to the same alley you had found her in.As you thought, the yakuzas were still in the dark passage where you had left them. When they saw that you had returned, their anger grew. You slipped off the mask, revealing the lower half of your face as you licked your lips with a smile. You closed your eyes for the moment. By the time you re-opened them, your eyes had shifted color, your irises turning from e/c to red and your sclera from white to black. The veins in the area were now more apparent; they were extremely visible across your eye and the skin around eye.

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