57. Home

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57. Home

Harry POV

I walked into the flat and looked at Rose laying on the couch. The book held over her face as she read intensively almost lost in the pages.

I set the box of pizza and precooked chicken on the table and went back into the living room setting the 2 dozen flowers on the table.

"Rose.." I trailed off as she slowly looked up at me smiling.

"You look good in snap backs." She referred to my head wear. I chuckled pulling her legs up and setting them down onto my lap.

I smiled as her eyes wandered to the table and her voice caught mid gasp.

"Harry." She said smiling widely bending completely over and kissing me. I kissed back, holding her face.

"I love you, Rose."

"I love you-" I kissed her again lighter this time really savoring her lips. They molded to mine perfectly. Her finger trailed up my arm to my neck holding me to her. She smiled against our lip locked mouths making my heart melt.

She pulled away our foreheads pressed together as her hand was on the back of my neck.

"Harry." She giggled looking into my eyes.

"Rose." I breathed back.

She looked at the table gasping loudly at the abundance of flowers.

"You're so-"

"Beautiful." I pulled her face by the chin to face me. She blushed at me shyly like she always does when she's complemented.

"Yes you are." She contradicted.

I kissed her nose my lips lingering as she giggled again.

"No, you are." I whispered looking into her dark brown eyes.

For a moment we just sat staring at each other until she took a sharp in take of breath and snapped from her trance.

"You got pizza!" She jumped up like a child. I smiled following her. She opened the box and took a big slice biting into it without hesitation. Her eyes widened as she looked at me scared. She quickly let the piece fall from in between her lips. She pouted with a sad look in her eyes. "It's too hot." She mourned.

"Let it cool down." I warned.

"Thanks for telling me now, arse." She mumbled.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing. Pass the chicken." She changed the subject.

I pushed the chicken towards her as she opened it glancing at me. "I'll get revenge." I threatened.

"Can't wait." She smiled up at me pulling off a piece of chicken and putting it in her mouth.

We ate in silence always pulling faces at each other between bites like kids.

"After we broke up-" Rose started, "did you try to find someone else?" She asked taking a sip of water.

"Like someone to date?" I cleared the question.

"Yes." She agreed.

"No," I paused. "I'm obviously at fault for our fall out; but Rose, I know that you're the only girl for me." I let the words fall out of my mouth like I've wanted to for ages now. Her voice caught as if she was about to say something but she didn't. "You're probably the most absolute perfect girl out there. You're funny, and intelligent. You study world politics for fun. You've been through a lot. Starting with your fathers death, you were only 10. You and your mum watched after each other like a good family does and then when it came to your past relationship you took it upon yourself to figure it out without help. You're incredibly independent, and headstrong. You're shy at times, which I admire. You act like a kid, I like that about you. You're also beautiful. And you put up with me. Which is a handful in itself. I've never loved anyone like you, I could never love anyone more." I promised as she wiped away a tear and walking around standing in front of me.

"I love you too." She held me in her arms. We didn't talk much for the rest of the night just cuddled a lot. She fell asleep in my arms at 8.30 on the couch. And instead of moving her I took advantage of holding her and kept her there.

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