"Wanna go visit Landon?" Zane asked me.

I sat there in the couch, watching TV, "No..."

"Why?" he asked, "Dontcha wanna see your boyfriend?"

"He's not my boyfriend...How can he be my boyfriend if he doesn't even remember a thing about me?" I said.

"Skye, just chill out. I know he'll remember. He's just not remembering because of brain problems. The doctor told me that it's temporary. If you don't know what temporary means, you're a retard." he said.

"Yes, I know what temporary means." I said and sighed, "What if he never remembers me? What if he doesn't remember me by the wedding day?"

"He will and---woah wait. You actually want the wedding?" he asked, smirking.

"I never said that! I-I only said what if he doesn't remember me by then..." I said, blushing.

"Okay..." he said, smiling.

He sits next to me, joining in to watch re-runs of That 70's Show.

I looked at him and noticed that he haven't stopped smiling at me. I lightly punched him on the shoulder.

"Ow! What was that for?!" he says, still smiling.

"Wipe that smile off of your face!" I snapped.

He looks at me and then back at the TV.

"Where's your mom?" I asked, "I haven't seen her since yesterday."

"I dunno." he said.

I looked at him, giving him a "WTF" look, "Wait, you don't know?"

"Yeah. Why?" he says.

"Your mom could walk in any minute. She'll catch you!" I said, sitting up.

"Chill..." he says, leaning in for kiss.

"No, not chill." I said, lightly pushing him away.

"What am I suppose to do then?" he asked.

"Just stay upstairs and hide I guess." I said.

"I can't just hide every single day." he said.

"It's either that or leave the house and getting caught." I said.

He looks at me and sighed.

"Do you think it'd be better off for me, getting caught by the police?" he asks.

"Well, I dunno. Don't ask me..." I said.

"I wish I could start life all over again. I hate getting stuck in this situation." he said.

"I'm sorry about your life." I said, softly, leaning back on the couch.

He sighs and starts leaning in again.

This time, I let him and didn't stop him.

When our lips were millimeters apart, we heard the doorknob being unlocked at the front door. Zane and I literally jumped 3 feet away from eachother (Well, Zane fell off the couch) and started panicking.

"Holy crap, is that your mom?!" I whispered.


"I'm home! Skye?" I heard Mrs. Rhodes call out.

I looked around nervously and tried to think of something. I spotted a closet and lead Zane towards it.

I opened the closet door and looked at him.

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